Fist Fight Night 3 Recap, Official Results and Photographs

Fist Fight Night 3


Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas (Mon, April 2, 2018)– Fist Fight Night 3 took place on Saturday, March 31, 2018 with 9 MMA fights at Amarillo Netplex in Amarillo, Texas. FightBookMMA was on scene covering the event. Below you will find the complete recap, official results and photographs.

Chris Cortez (pro debut) Vs Mark Plata (0-2)

Flyweight bout

Fist Fight League kicked off the main card with a Flyweight professional fight between Mark Plata and Chris Cortez. Both fighters meet in the middle to exchange jabs. Cortez fires off a punch combo as Plata covers, and this allows a strong takedown attempt. Cortez lands on top and maintains side control. Plata works hard to gain half guard and eats several elbows for his efforts. Cortez slides to mount and continues to drop heavy strikes from the top. Cortez transitions to back as Plata rolls to cover, but the strikes don’t slow or stop. The ref stops the mounted assault at 1:51 of round 1. Chris Cortez by TKO.

Cameron Padilla (pro debut) Vs Charles Williams (1-2)

Lightweight bout

Next is an exciting match between Cameron Padilla and Charles Williams. Both spend a minute feeling each other out and establishing range, with Williams connecting with some leg kicks. Williams lands a solid body kick and follows up with two heavy head punches, but is left open to low single leg takedown. Padilla works hard to secure side control. Williams powers to stand and tosses Padilla off his back. Williams pounces into top guard position to work his ground and pound. Padilla attacks the arm from guard and pulls off a beautiful armbar sweep. Williams defends and escapes. Both fighters standing and Padilla lands another slick single leg and ends in back control. After 30 seconds of threatening the choke, Williams reverses to finish the round in top guard.

Round 2 starts with exchanging 1-2 combos. Williams defends a takedown to secure top position and drops down straight rights. Williams continues with a flurry of hammer fists until the ref stands them up half way through the round. Williams lands a head kick which has Padilla attempting to pull guard. Williams is gaining confidence on feet and beckons Padilla to stand. Padilla ties up Williams against the cage to end the round.

Williams starts round 3 striking explosively and fights off 2 takedown attempts. Padilla lands third attempt and drops elbows from top ¼ guard. Action slows and the ref restarts the fighters standing. Padilla powers a double leg to full guard but doesn’t do much damage. Ref stands both fighters. Back on the feet, Williams lands several left-right combos to finish the 3rd round with a statement.

Charles Williams wins by Unanimous Judge’s Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Cody King (1-1) Vs Rocky Rosas (pro debut)

Welterweight bout

Match starts with respect as both fighters touch gloves and trade long distance strike attempts. King establishing the tempo. Rosas attempting to close the distance and eats a 5 piece combo. King makes Rosas pay again when he tries to get in close. Rosas corners King on fence and unleashes 10 punches landing about half. King thai-clinches and lands body knees. Both fighters trade aggressively in the center of the cage. Rosas again corners his opponent and delivers heavy punches. Rosas catches an accidental knee to the groin during the chaos. Fight resumes after a short recovery. King and Rosas stand in the pocket and trade punches! King shoots for a takedown to find his neck in a guillotine, but lands on top side control. Fighters fight back to feet but King’s neck is still exposed and Rosas tightens up the guillotine to induce the tap with 4 seconds left in the first round.

Rocky Rosas by Tapout (guillotine choke) at 4:56 of the 1st round.

Paco Castillo (12-128) Vs Joe Saucedo (2-5)

Featherweight bout

Fighters meet in the middle and Saucedo quickly lands a head and arm toss and lands in top full guard. Castillo works through Saucedo’s strikes to patiently walk up his guard. Castillo threatens a triangle but can’t quite finish. Round ends with Castillo threatening Saucedo’s arm.

Round 2 returns to action with both fighters locking a clinch in mid-cage. Saucedo lands knees, elbows and right hands from the clinch. Saucedo suffers a knee to groin and the ref quickly steps in to pause the clock. The match resumes with another neutral clinch until Saucedo gains control of Castillo with a collar tie up. Saucedo lands knees from this position until Castillo attempts a takedown. Saucedo defends and secures double under-clinch then lands a vicious knee to get a knockdown. Saucedo drops elbows and Castillo fights back to his feet before finishing the round in a clinch.

Both fighters start round 3 fired up and throwing high kicks and end in clinch against cage. Castillo attempts head throw but gives up back, and grapples back to clinch. Saucedo holds Castillo against cage and lands 3 solid knees to the face before attempting to get Castillo’s back with a choke. Castillo fights off the choke but ends up on bottom, and Saucedo finishes the round strong.

Joe Saucedo wins by Unanimous Judge’s Decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Marcus Sursa (22-10) Vs Carlton Little (6-5)

Heavyweight bout

Little quickly closes and attacks on the feet landing punches including a good uppercut followed by another combo. Sursa defending onslaught well and remaining patient until landing rear leg trip and holding clinch. Little creates distance to land a flurry of punches before being clinched against the cage again. Little lands takedown to guard, but Sursa uses cage to walk back to feet. Sursa eats 3 uppercuts before securing strong thai-clinch and landing 30 seconds of knees & elbows. Transitions to dirty boxing before folding Little with a body knee. Sursa uses a deep guillotine to land a takedown and land in top mount. Guillotine forces Little to tapout.

Marcus Sursa by Tapout (guillotine choke) at 4:42 of the 1st round.

John King (5-5) Vs Omar Acosta (3-3)

205 lb Title Fight

This kickboxing match starts off quick as both fighters meet to exchange. King looks relaxed and finds his range first while landing heavy shots. Backs Acosta to cage and secures clinch to land some knees. A knee lands low and Acosta is allowed time to recover. Both fighters are given time to rest and recover. Fight resumes and King backs Acosta into corner with a left-right fury. Ties up another strong clinch and lands repeated knees until Acosta drops. Acosta does not get to feet before 10 count.

John King is named 205 lb kickboxing champion by Technical Knockout victory at 2:01 of the 1st round.

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