FITE Chooses Dooya to Launch FAST Channel for OTT & Cable

New York, NY: FITE, the premium global platform for live sports and entertainment, announced today the expansion of FITE 24/7 into FITE’s first FAST channel in partnership with Dooya Media Group (Dooya/DMG). The Free Ad-Supported TV channel will use Dooya’s FASTCast process to provide cable-quality distribution and monetization to traditional cable operators as well as OTT platforms and connected televisions. Leading OTT providers, including FITE’s existing apps, will carry FITE 24/7 at launch: LG Marketplace, Local Now, RAD!, Sports.TV, Viva Live TV, Select TV, Zingo, Giniko USA, Glewed, KlowdTV, and TeleUp.

The arrangement brings FITE’s programming to Dooya’s 40+ OTT platform partners, including all the majors – The Roku Channel, Samsung, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, Redbox, PLEX, Vix, and Univision’s PrendeTV – as well as leading AVOD OTT scheduled streaming channel platforms such as XUMO, LG, and numerous SVOD players.

In addition to over 200 hours of the most compelling sports and entertainment content from FITE’s library, programming will include live content such as press conferences, weigh-ins, and preliminary matches associated with some of the most-watched PPV events in the world, including Triller Fight Club and Triad Combat.

FITE 24/7 also will offer entertaining and inspirational documentaries and feature films from Dooya partner 360 Sports’ massive library. Combat sports instructional videos will even be included from Channel Fight Masterclass – a streaming platform with a devoted following of 1.6 million.

“We have the greatest fans in the world,” said Louis Lewow, FITE’s Vice President of Distribution. “This new channel with Dooya is our way of bringing more people into the FITE family by showing them what we have to offer – and at the same time showing our content is monetizable in linear formats and creating an even bigger audience for the amazing content our partner promoters and athletes produce every week.”

“FITE’s content is timely and thrilling, and it carries with it a ferociously engaged fan base,” said Dooya CEO John T. Wells. “These elements are a winning combination in OTT, where we can be nimble in programming and advertising, responding quickly to trends in viewers’ interest and in the marketplace overall. We’re extremely excited to jump in the ring with FITE.”

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