With COVID-19 still posing a threat on the lives of many people, attending a gym doesn’t seem like the smartest way to exercise anymore. It puts you at risk of getting exposed to an infected individual; plus, it’s loads more expensive than working out at home. 

Using the right techniques and exercises, you can achieve the same level of strength and health when working out at home — maybe even more — as opposed to working out at the gym. 

Here are 7 fitness practices you can follow at home. 

Tip 1: Prioritize your health

If you want to improve your fitness and health, you need to make it one of your top priorities. It’s not enough to hope that you had more time to exercise — make time for it. Put your workouts on the same calendar as your other responsibilities. That way you’d have no excuse to skip or ignore any of your workout routines. 

Tip 2: Be careful with what you put in your body

The food that you eat plays a significant role in your overall fitness. Eating a healthy diet is, therefore, essential if you want to improve your wellbeing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains. It’s also recommended that you keep your fat intake to less than 30% of your entire diet. Keep salt consumption to a maximum of 5g per day and sugar at 50g. 

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Tip 3: Keep things interesting

Workouts can get boring pretty quickly, especially if you find yourself doing the same thing every day. A great way to take the monotony out of the activity is to add elements that you enjoy to it. For instance, you can listen to a podcast or audiobook or even stream a favorite TV show while you’re working out. You may also consider alternating your workouts from time to time. 

Alternating your exercise routines can give you a huge boost in health and strength. Not only does it allow you to work different parts of your body at a time, but it also allows your muscles enough time to recover. 

Tip 4: Try a PEMF mat

Your cells are like tiny batteries that keep your body functioning properly. You start off with full levels in the morning and naturally lose energy as the day goes by. Depending on the tasks that you attend to on a day-to-day basis, you may start to feel tired and depleted toward the end of the day.

This is where PEMF mats can help.

The benefits of PEMF or pulsed electromagnetic field mats are pervasive. Not only does it enhance muscle recovery during and after workouts, but it can also:

  • Improve sleep, 
  • Reenergize the body, and
  • Enhance your meditation practice

PEMF mats send electromagnetic signals to the cells in your body. This process helps the body improve its natural healing abilities, allowing you to feel energized and rejuvenated faster. So, if you’re someone who consistently has busy days, a PEMF mat may be a good investment.

Tip 5: Stay consistent

When it comes to fitness and health, consistency is key. You can’t expect to reach your goals if you only make the effort to exercise once every month. Furthermore, you can keep making excuses for yourself, like “I have more important things to do” or “I’m on my period, I can’t” Set aside time for your workouts and make it a point to do it at the same time every day, so you don’t need to adjust your activities frequently. 

If you’re a woman and it’s that time of the month again, exercising can actually be advantageous. For one, it can relieve period cramps. It can also help with acne and breakouts. 

Worried about leakage? Getting a couple of pieces of period underwear may help. Period underwear allows you to bleed freely without having to worry about leaks or smells. 

Tip 6: Create a workout area at home

Some people fair better when they have a specific area to do specific things i.e., an office for office work, a workshop for extra-curricular projects, and a workout area for exercise routines. If you’re one of those people, creating your own workout cubby or corner can help you stay consistent with your workouts. You don’t need that much workout equipment — just the basics e.g., dumbbells or kettlebells, resistance bands, jump rope, doorway pull-up bar, and an exercise ball. 

Tip 7: Make goals as specific as possible

It would be more effective to exercise if you had a goal in mind. Perhaps you want to lose this amount of weight for this amount of time? Maybe you’d like to improve your strength and agility by 30% within the next couple of months? Whatever your goal is, make it as specific as possible, so you can determine exactly what steps you’d need to take in order to achieve them. Furthermore, it will also help you identify possible barriers that may make it challenging for you to reach your goals. 

Final thoughts 

Keeping a fit and healthy mind is essential to living a happy and fulfilling life. By prioritizing your health and remaining consistent with your goals, you should be able to achieve the level of fitness that will allow you to live a long and meaningful life. 


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