Frans Mlambo proposes a bout for the rematch opportunity

Brave Combat Federation’s bantamweight contender, Frans Mlambo alongside his manager, Razvan Porfiri had released their latest interview discussing possibilities of potential rematch requested by both Michael Diega Scheck and Felipe Efrain. Both the fights Frans Mlambo had against Michael Diega Scheck and Felipe Efrain ended in controversial referee stoppages which gave Mlambo the win. Diega Scheck and Efrain had been campaigning for a rematch ever since, while Mlambo is finally set to face the current champion Stephen Loman for the championship title.

“What the referee was thinking is not in my control. That is the official decision and they must contest the referee. In order to earn my rematch against Stephen Loman, I had to go through Jalal Al Daja, Diega Scheck and Efrain. The same applies for Diega Scheck and Efrain. They have to fight and prove that they are worthy to get a rematch since I am on a 3 fight winning streak. I would suggest that Diega must fight Efrain and whoever wins advances to the next level.”, said Mlambo.

Mlambo stands a chance to become the second champion from Straight Blast Gym Ireland after his team mate Conor McGregor. This also makes him the first South African fighter to be entitled an opportunity to fight for the bantamweight championship title.

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