Fred Bloom and Claudimar dos Santos Cardoso 2020 SFT MMA & Xtreme Coaches of the Year

SAO PAULO, Brazil – SFT (Standout Fighting Tournament) has announced its MMA and Xtreme Coaches of the Year for 2020, respectively, Fred Bloom and Claudimar dos Santos Cardoso

SFT is the only Brazil-based combat sports promotional company to have a panel of mixed-martial-arts experts, as opposed to a popularity vote, select its annual winners. 

SFT Xtreme competition allows striking, kicking and knees, fighters wear 4-ounce gloves, and clinching and fighting on the mat is prohibited. “SFT is fortunate to have so many great coaches,”

SFT president David Hudson said. “The best of the best last year were unquestionably Fred Bloom in MMA and ‘Coach’ Cordoso in Xtreme. They did unbelievable jobs last year during the most challenging circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.” 

Bloom trains a strong group of mixed-martial-arts fighters headlined by Manoel Sousa and Matheus RochaGile Ribeiro and Munil Adriano received honorable mention. 

Coach Bloom is second in from the right 

When your nickname is “Coach” like Cardoso, signifying the respect he’s earned during his career, it’s no wonder that he was named Xtreme Coach of the Year. His standouts fighters are Wagner MangabaRuthe Ravena and Wagner MutanoHugo Goncalves. Hugo Goncalves and Jefferson China received honorable mention. 

Coach Cardoso in center  



  • Fred BloomHonorable Mentíon: Gile Ribeiro and Munil Adriano 


  • Claudimar dos Santos CardosoHonorable Mention: Hugo Goncalves and Jefferson China


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