FS1 Counts Down the UFC’s Biggest Fights over Two Weeks

LOS ANGELES, CA (Fri, March 9, 2018)– There have been 432 Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events with more than 4,500 fights total. So, which fights are the best ever?

Today, FOX Sports and UFC announce they will answer that question with a two-week primetime marathon titled the UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS beginning on Monday, March 12 (8:00 PM ET) on FS1 and FOX Sports GO.

In celebration of UFC’s 25th anniversary, UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS counts down the best fights in UFC history. Relive the finest bouts to ever take place in the Octagon, in their entirety, beginning with the 25th best fight and concluding with the greatest fight of all time.

The two action-packed weeks are anchored by six show premieres and 18 hours of UFC-specific programming total, wrapping on Tuesday, March 20 (8:00 PM ET).


Monday,March 12 8:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 25 – 21) FS1
Tuesday,March 13 8:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 20 – 17) FS1
Wednesday,March 14 9:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 16 – 13) FS1
Thursday,March 15 8:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 12 – 8) FS1
Monday,March 19 8:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 7 – 5) FS1
Tuesday,March 20 8:00 PM UFC 25 GREATEST FIGHTS (No. 4 – 1) FS1


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