Full Transcript Of Ronda’s Corner during her match with Holly Holm at UFC 193

Wednesday December 16, 2015– UFC 193: Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm took place on Saturday November 14, 2015 at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne. The main card was aired on PPV and the prelims on FOX Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass.

At UFC 193, Ronda Rousey lost her 135-pound title against Holly Holm by head kick and finished her off with punches in Round 2. For the complete UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm Recap, Attendance and Bonuses click here. To read about the Medical Suspensions for UFC 193 click here, and if you want to know about the Reebok Sponsorship pay click here.

Below you can read the full transcription of Ronda Rousey’s coach, Edmond Tarverdyan, and see what he was instructing her at UFC 193 during her fight against Holly Holm at UFC 193. A HUGE thanks to Mookie Alexander from Blody Elbow to put this transcript together.

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UFC 193: Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm Transcript:

Round 1:

:01-:57: “Press right, feint! Press fight, feint! Step to the right after touches. Step, step, step, step, step. Now you’re taking her where you want her. Yeah, press again, quick press. Light touch. Feint, go! Feint, go! No problem*, hands up, hands up! Press go, press go, champ. Beautiful. Step ahead, press again. Feints, feints, be patient, smart! Yes! That’s a touch! Feint, go again! Yes, go press, left hook, where’s that big one? Touch … just touch, feint, touch, touch. Yeah, you’re inside. No problem*, chin down! Hands up! Nice hook!”

* –  He said this both times after Rousey was hit with lefts from Holm.

:58-2:00: “Show the right hand to the body, go upstairs! Yes! That’s it. Hands up, champ! Press, press, press! Now it’s yours! Yes! Yes! Hands up! Hands up! Feint, quick feet, champ! Nice! Control! Nice!* Hands up, champ! Hands up! Feint! Feint, hands up! Feint, feint, feint. She’ll fall into you. Feint, keep pressing! Touch, press her! Touch, press her! Feint, feint, feint! Yeah, very good. Yes!** That’s it, feint, feint, feint! Nice, hands up, hands up when you’re pressing! Feint, now she’s falling. Press, press, keep pressing. She’ll slow down.”

* – Rousey briefly has Holm controlled against the cage and lands a knee to the body.

**- Rousey partially lands a left hook.

2:01-2:13: “Watch the set-ups on kicks, keep that right hand up where it’s supposed to be. Hands up, champ! Press, feint, feint, go.”

2:14-2:30: (Another cornerman talks Rousey through getting the armbar after she takes Holm down)

“Armbar! Armbar’s open, be patient! Be patient! Be patient, it’ll be there! It’ll be there!”

(Tarverdyan resumes speaking after the failed armbar attempt)

2:31-3:00: “Hands up! Nice. Hands up! Champ, champ, champ! Discipline, baby, discipline! Feint, go! Feint, go! Discipline, feint, go! Watch the head kicks, champ! Champ, right hand up baby, let’s go! Nice, work off it! Feint, go! Beautiful. Press, press, press! Feint, champ, feint! Double up the jab, feint, head movement! No problem*.”

* – Rousey is hit with a Jon Jones-esque kick to the knee

3:01-4:00: “Hands up, champ! She’s going to throw a kick upstairs!* Hands up! Go, work off it.** Press, press, press, good presses! Step ahead, champ! Legs under you, girl! Let’s go! Yeah, what a right hand! Hands up! You’re hurting her by touching her! Press! Touch, touch, touch, combination, work the jab! Hands up, champ! Feint, go! Hands up, don’t lean in! Feint, go! Boxing skills, let’s go! Right hook to the body. Feint, go! Yeah! Legs under you, champ! Don’t gnash (?) the shot! Don’t gnash (?) the shot. Don’t gnash (?) the shot, step around, yes!”

*- No kick is ever thrown

** – Holm misses a jab but Rousey never counters

4:01-4:10: “Oh! You hurt her with a left hook!* There you go! Stay on her! Hey! Discipline, hands up! Hands up, discipline, go! Right hand, left hook! YES!**”

* – Holm loses her mouthpiece and there’s a break in the action

** – Rousey throws a right hand and a left hook. The left hook lands and Holm ties up and takes her down.

(silence as Rousey is briefly taken down)

4:11-5:00: “Hands up, discipline! Hands up! Press, press, press! Hands up! Feint, good legs! Feint, good legs! Let’s go, yes! Throw!*”

* – Rousey doesn’t toss Holm to the mat, the clinch is broken and the round ends.

During the break:

“Beautiful! Stay nice and patient [and] relax. Breathe, okay? Let’s rinse that mouth, don’t swallow it, rinse it. Champ, beautiful work. Listen to me, all she wants to do is catch you with that left hand and come on top with that hook, okay? We’re feinting, we’re keeping both hands up. We’re feinting — a lot of feints when we’re pressing. We’re stepping ahead. A little bit quicker on the step-ahead. She gets frustrated, okay? Your left hook is massive there. It’s there — right hand, left hook, right hand! And then what you gotta do after you let your hands go, back to defense! Press, feint, press, press!* So we can get her where we want her. Once we get her on the cage … we need her on the cage this round and then we’re going to be good, okay? Beautiful. More discipline, more discipline, please let’s go you’re the champ! Discipline!”

* – “Okay,” Rousey replied.

Round 2:

0:01-0:31: “Watch the kicks from distance. Hands up, watch that left hand! Watch that right hook now on top. Go, go, press, legs! Hands up! Smart about it. Yes, back to the legs, beautiful! Beautiful, touch!”

0:32-0:59: “Left hook, right hand!* Hands up! Beautiful! Now you’re working, hands up!” (Rousey is knocked out 17 seconds later)

* – Rousey whiffs badly.



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