Fury has never been better, there’s simply no chance he walks away from boxing now

Under the hugely impressive guidance of trainer SugarHill Steward, Tyson Fury has reached new heights in his career that few imagined he could. Indeed, the 33-year-old now possesses one of the strongest punches in the heavyweight division after Steward was able to unlock the power in Fury’s hand. The results over the last three years have been devastating with Fury making light work of Deontay Wilder before sensationally knocking Dillian Whyte out in April.

As we now know, that particular bout at Wembley which was contested in front of 94,000 people was Fury’s last after the Englishman announced his retirement owing to the fact that there was no one left to fight in the division having vanquished all his foes. Similarly, we also know that this isn’t true given that the latest boxing odds have priced Oleksandr Usyk as the favorite to beat Anthony Joshua in July.

Indeed, at just 4/9, the most recent boxing tips are unequivocal in their estimation that the courageous Ukrainian will beat Joshua, and in doing so, open the door to a box-office unification fight with Fury. Now, there are a few points to consider here in terms of weighing up how serious Fury is about walking away from the sport whilst he’s at the absolute peak of his powers.

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Firstly, a match-up against Usyk would earn Fury more than what he received after going toe to toe with Whyte in England’s capital on the 23rd of April. It was suggested that Fury earned in the region of $36 million for his night’s work which, ultimately, consisted of just six rounds before he delivered a ferocious uppercut that Whyte knew precious little about.


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With this being the case, you can easily picture a scenario where Fury’s purse for a fight against Usyk passes, at the very least, the $50 million mark given that it will be an iconic heavyweight unification fight. Essentially, there will be significant interest from both sides of the Atlantic which should guarantee that this is one of the highest paying fights of all time.

The second point to take into account and this is arguably the most crucial when determining if Fury really is as retired as he makes out to be, is that the Englishman knows he has all the tools at his disposal to see off Usyk without breaking too much of a sweat. Indeed, with a height advantage of six inches and a reach advantage of seven inches over Usyk, Fury will have a potentially match-winning upper hand that the Ukrainian will battle to deal with.

“It’s never going to happen.”

“I’d punch Usyk around the ring. He’s a middleweight that has been blown up.”@Tyson_Fury tells talkSPORT he is not interested in a fight against @UsykAA. pic.twitter.com/Fu9S4DW1fy

— talkSPORT (@talkSPORT) April 28, 2022

To summarise, Fury stands to earn over $50 million for a fight that he would, in all likelihood, win somewhat comfortably. The reality is that it does seem unlikely that he would now turn his back on the sport of boxing when he stands to gain rewards that he has worked his entire career to achieve. Don’t be fooled by the smoke and mirrors, this generational talent will be back in the boxing ring again in the very near future.

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