Fury vs Wilder 3: Fury and Wilder’s Previous Ringwalks Analyzed by Expert

Boxing is all about bravado. Trash talk sells fights, and it’s part of the PR machine. But when it comes to that first bell, the fighters are alone and the fear, confidence, and natural instinct really set in. However, the signs are there way before Michael Buffer gets them “ready to rumble”, and according to a recent study they are there from the moment a fighter approaches the ring.

Parimatch has teamed up with world renowned body language expert and founder of TRUTHPLANE, Mark Bowden in Ring Walks Analysed, a new study that delves deep into the body language of 10 classic fights as both boxers enter the ring.

With anticipation building around a potential Fury v Wilder 3 bout, this piece explores the history of their rivalry and whether the outcomes perhaps seemed clear from the outset.

Mark Bowden said in Fury vs Wilder #1, Fury shows signs of weakness AJ appeared nervous – The commentator believes he looks relaxed. However, the cluster of nonverbal signals he gives when he is not fully on show to the audience betray a sense of anxiety about a bigger power in the space with him. There are many signals that this is a negative and not optimistic space for him and a sense that losing is a possibility in his mind.

  • Fury bites his bottom lip suggesting unspoken anxiety.
  • Closing his eyes and bowing his head denotes someone of higher status or power is in the vicinity.
  • Pushing out tongue can show defiance but can also highlight a distaste for a situation.
  • Chin wrinkled alongside the forehead is a common movement associated with grief

Of course, the first match between Fury and Wilder need din a controversial draw. . Fury went down and was seemingly knocked out in the final round but as the count neared the end, he stood up and recovered miraculously.

Mark Bowden said in Fury vs Wilder #2, Fury appeared noticeably more confident – When you are presenting yourself as the King, you are untouchable and even the gods are on your side. This affords you to be powerful with a serene calm. This is the story that Fury is playing alongside the large banners of his underlying aggression. This creates a grand story of his underlying extreme aggression that will be casually released upon his underling once in the ring.

  • Use of royal iconography portrays him as powerful and of high status.
  • Held up high on a throne to portray a sense of dominance.
  • He stands arms wide, his body fully open and prone. This suggests he does not expect anything to be of physical risk to him.

Of course, the second bout was an entirely different outcomes for the fighters. Fury won the rematch in the seventh round by technical knockout. Will Fury keep his composure during their next ringwalk for their third fight?

 You can view an interactive version of the page displaying other iconic fights, here: https://hub.parimatch.co.uk/campaigns/ring-walks/


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