Gabi Garcia Makes MMA Debut at NYE event in Japan

Thursday September 26, 2015– Making headline news today is that Bjj black belt Gabi Garcia will be fighting NYE on the same card FEDOR will be headlining. Gabi has made waves in the jiu jitsu world ready. As well as making an appearance on TUF along side Wanderlei Silva.

Towering over most women at 6’2 and 200+ lbs Garcia is easily one of the bigger women in MMA. Her opponent is said to be a Chinese judo expert who is as big as Garcia. The weight class? 198 lbs. This fight is set to be held in Japan on December 31, 2015.

It doesn’t stop there for me. I can’t help but wonder what a Cris Cyborg Santos vs Gabi Garcia fight would look like. With Cris walking around between 170 and 180 at 5’8, it’s not to far Of a stretch for the imagination. This would be a chance for Cyborg to fight someone close to her natural size. Both have accomplished a lot in their own careers. As well has had their fair share of controversy. Cyborg failed a drug test for stanozolol, an anabolic steroid and Gabi failed for clomiphene, a fertility drug. Cyborg was stripped of her strikeforce belt and Gabi of her IBJJF belt.

With Garcia’s Jiu Jitsu and cyborgs striking, it has the promise of a great fight. All that would be left to figure out is what weight? One can’t help but wonder if Cyborg would ask Garcia to come down in size closer to her own weight. Or would she be willing to go up in weight? Oh the irony!!

By: Korey Lane



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