Games That Improve Hand-Eye Coordination and Other Fighting Skills

Good hand-eye coordination is essential for adequate fighting techniques, but amateurs and experts alike have all needed practice in this area. There are several ways to improve hand-eye coordination and other fighting skills, but some may come as a surprise to most people. Playing darts, for instance, can increase hand-eye coordination and aim as well as being a fun game to play to pass the time. Here are some unusual but excellent ways to improve your hand-eye coordination for fighting.

Playing Pool

Playing pool is an excellent way to improve hand-eye coordination as well as several other skills. The player must concentrate on the spin of the pool ball alongside the power and trajectory of each shot. Hands can become agile and swift from playing pool because it requires quick and powerful movements, similar to fighting.

When playing pool, it is essential to have the correct equipment. The right pool cue can go a long way in improving your game and getting the most out of your billiards experience. Choosing a pool cue from a site like can help you choose the perfect pool cue that will not only improve your game but elevate it to the next level and enhance your hand-eye coordination. By choosing a pool cue from this site, your fighting game can also benefit from the skills learned in billiards.


Playing darts is not only fun and an excellent way to pass the time, but it improves your hand-eye coordination and keeps you on your toes–perfect for fighting.

In the game of darts, skills such as stability and force control are necessary, just as they are for fighting. A critical aspect of darts is stance: a steady and upright posture is required for darts just as it is with combat. In this game, a person can lose stability by leaning forward or backward, so darts are an excellent way to improve this area.

Balance, which goes hand in hand with stability, is also a useful skill that you can learn from darts. Finding the center of gravity with the dart in your hand can help you find the center of gravity when throwing and dodging punches. Just as with fighting, any extraneous movement while throwing darts can make you lose your balance, which can mean the difference between avoiding a blow and taking a hit.

Video Games

This option may seem like an excuse to play more video games, but playing video games can help improve your reflexes, not just fighting games, but also FPS (first-person shooter) games.

Training your reaction time and reflexes are a matter of creating stimuli and reacting to it, which is why video games are an excellent training method. Street fighting games are especially useful for this because it’s a simulated fight, and the movements are mostly random, much like in real fighting.

Knowing when not to fight back is also as essential as knowing when to throw a punch, which is why video games are so great for training. The stakes are much lower than in a real fight, so the only actual result you can get is a game over screen.

Video games also teach us when to accept a loss, because it also shows that we need to train harder. Overall, video games are an excellent reflex training option for fighting.

Final Thoughts

When training for fights, adding playing games to your practice regimen may not be your first thought. However, games teach us valuable lessons and essential skills that can help us both in and out of the ring.

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