Gaziev rips Fakhreddine with the latest response

Breakout star from Dagestan, Gadzhimusa Gaziev will be making his return to Brave Combat Federation after his victory at Brave 12 hosted in Jakarta, Indonesia. Gadzhimusa Gaziev shocked the world by forcing the former UFC fighter Leonardo “Macarrão” Mafra to verbally submit in a welterweight bout. The bout marks the fifth appearance for Gadzhimusa Gaziev in Brave Combat Federation who has won twice in his four appearances. In his promotional debut, Gaziev entered the fight in short notice to shock the fans by handing over the first defeat in the career of Thiago Vieira. Gaziev won the fight by knock out also putting an end to the eight fight win streak of Vieira.

Meanwhile Mohammad Fakhreddine is making his return to Brave Combat Federation after a hard fought loss against his biggest rival Tahar Hadbi at Brave 10 hosted in Amman, Jordan. The veteran from Lebanon was on the title race prior to his clash with the Algerian welterweight. Though Fakhreddine was to make his return at Brave 13 hosted in Belfast, he was unable to compete since his opponent, Sidney Wheeler failed to make weight and pulled out from the fight. The bout is critical for Fakhreddine to bounce back to the higher realms of the highly competitive welterweight division of Brave Combat Federation.

Fakhreddine had predicted to knockout Gaziev which didn’t sit well with the fighter from Dagestan who is undergoing training at Gorec Gym. Gaziev got back keeping his calm probably tipping off yet another feud for the star from Lebanon.

“Your optimism is inappropriate but I respect each fighter. No one knows how this fight will end, but I will do my best to test your chin, taking into account how old and weak you are right now”, responded Gaziev to Fakhreddine.


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