11 Year old,Global Championship Circuit Jr. Kickboxing Champion Titanium Tanner Weitzel is ranked #1 ranking in Iowa, for this weekend’s State Wrestling Tournament set to take place at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. Weitzel a #1 seed in the tournament, getting a 1st round bye, having  to win only 3 matches to be in the finals. Last year Weitzel made the podem to place 3rd in the massive size tournament that is expected to bring in the area of 10,000 people to the event.

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Photo Credit: WAKO’USA/GCC

Tanner won the GCC K1 title Nov 9, 2018 by decision against a very aggressive & huge Damion Nabity, in the Jr. Main Event, for which Nabity, obviously with no fear, never stopped coming forward, firing. Weitzel has since stepped away from combat, to concentrate on his most accomplished and favorite sport, the 2019 wrestling season. Weitzel has a record of over 500 wrestling matches with over 430 victories, who also competes all over at the country’s biggest  wrestling tournaments. Considering this, a good majority of those losses are to the country’s best of the best, elite wrestlers. Weitzel is known to go across Iowa in the morning to win a wrestling tournament, then scurry across Iowa to then win a second, seperate wrestling tournament in the afternoon.

Weitzel first got his Black Belt in Taekwondo at age 8, the same year the Governor awarded him Male Athlete of the Year. Weitzel is currently 15-0 in the U.S.(Taekwondo) vs other Black Belts.

Tanner is expected to return to defend his GCC title sometime after the close of his wrestling season, where he plans to begin a new sport, competing in USA Boxing, as well. Weitzel’s biggest sponsor is Bats’ Toi which means “to overcome”, and is the biggest sponsor of combat gear, and as Tanner’s father stated to me, is the safest gear on the market when I followed up with him recently, about this weekend’s tournament.

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