George Roop suffers devastating injury ending his bout with Lee Yun-Jun — (X-ray Photo)

16 May, 2016 At Xiaomi ROAD FC 031, George Roop versus Lee Yun-Jun was cut short by a devastating injury to Roop’s leg during a kick.

George Roop versus Lee Yun-Jun was the Main Event for Xiaomi ROAD FC 031 on 14 May, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. The highly anticipated match had tensions established through the two fighter’s pre-fight social media mud-slinging.

At the weigh ins, Lee got in the taller Roop’s space, and forced a head butt. Roop wasn’t having any of it, and smacked Lee aside, then almost teep kicked him before controlling himself.

Both Lee and Roop entered the arena with a huge amount of fanfare and audience appreciation. Once the bell rang, Roop did not touch gloves. Both fighters looks to establish their distance and timing, with very little thrown in the first minute. Roop threw a hick kick that Lee blocked with his right arm. Then the impossible happened. Roop threw out a front kick, which Lee blocked with his elbow. The kick’s momentum coupled with Lee’s timed elbow, caused a clean shear of Roop’s tibia bone at the impact.

Roop stumbled back, knowing it was injured, while Lee rushed in to the stumbling fighter. The referee immediately saw the injury and blocked further action, stopping the fight.

Roop was put on a stretcher, hoisted out of the cage, and immediately sent to hospital.

After being transferred to Wonju Jung Hospital, Roop was examined and x-rayed. The diagnosis is compound fracture to the tibia. The break was clean and not fragmented. Roop will undergo immediate surgery and recovery in Wonju. His doctor estimates six months to full recovery.

ROAD FC wishes to convey it’s appreciation for George Roop’s participation in Xiaomi ROAD FC 031. We are very sorrowful that Roop experienced such a traumatic ending to his fight, and we wish him a speedy and full recovery.

1 Roop Xray

1 Roop stretcher

1 Roop care


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