Global Proving Ground 17 – Fighters Against Dog Fighting

Tuesday January 4, 2015- Once again Global Proving Ground (GPG) has delved into the heart of the fighters and fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) with their latest philanthropic card called, ‘Fighters Against Dog Fighting’ on January 17th, 2015. This amazing card will be the second in an unending series of MMA shows and events that give back to the community at large, and it will take place at the GPG Event Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

This awesome fight card will be headlined by two of the top MMA Light Heavyweights on the GPG roster. Bellator veterans, Sam “Sammy O” Oropeza will take on Timothy “The Good Soldier” Woods in this heavily anticipated main event. This is not a card to be missed!  The co-main event will feature top middleweights Anton Berzin taking on Chad Herrick in an epic battle on the GPG stage. Do not miss this card!

GPG Co-Founder James Jefferson said, “As human beings and fighters, we have a choice as to what we’ll do and whether or not we will walk away from a conflict or a fight, and of course this isn’t the case with animals. All over the world there are rings of horrible people exploiting animals for profit and entertainment and it sickens me. This event will be a great opportunity for both GPG and the amazing fighters on our cards to expose the ugly truth surrounding these animal fighting rings. This charity, coupled with our fight card, will break in 2015 like nothing you’ve seen.”

This card will encompass what real fighting is about and it will be in the hands of willing professionals and show the world what real competition is all about! Get your tickets now because they’re going fast!

Be sure and visit both and for ticket availability and sales.


Who We Are:  Global Proving Ground (GPG) is a mixed martial arts entertainment organization dedicated to providing in-depth coverage and as yet unseen sports content to a global audience.  GPG seeks to discover and build the next generation of great athletes by using a truly innovative combination of live events, digital & online media platforms, and sports & entertainment content allowing for multiple revenue streams and maximized growth opportunities.  We have the unique ability to continue to cultivate relationships, the most important aspects of success in this industry.  Our relationships are groomed by our staffing talent, which contains a virtual who’s who of respected industry professionals.  Others have tried, but few have been able to logistically create and manage the relationship network GPG has amassed.  When coupled with GPG’s commitment to social responsibility, the combination becomes a catalyst for a revolutionary approach to professional sports and entertainment. GPG plans to grow by introducing Warrior Island, a groundbreaking documentary series featuring a myriad of sports combat talent and personalities from all across the world. Warrior Island is a platform focused on discovering the world’s best mixed martial arts talent and showcasing the truth behind the struggles and sacrifices of a champion.

What We Do:  GPG is a worldwide fight league where fans have a voice, great warriors are discovered, and champions are made.  GPG conducts mixed martial arts events worldwide showcasing its talented fighters, and has held events in the United Kingdom, Portugal, New York City, Virginia, Missouri, and Rio de Janeiro among others.  GPG is advancing mixed martial arts by educating their fighters, and by giving fans the power to advance a fighter’s career through the integration of social media networking.  GPG seeks to expand its reach worldwide through its innovative sports docuseries Warrior Island.

Warrior Island is a documentary narrative, which showcases the true fighter spirit by uncovering what each combatant endures to become a champion.  Filmed away from the glitz and ostentation of a typical docuseries, Warrior Island strips away the unnecessary backdrops and offers a true & revealing account of not just the fighter, but the person, the family man, and the student.  We showcase the heart, sacrifice, and dedication put forth by each of the fan-selected 16 personalities.  The fighters, production team, location, script and staff have been assembled.

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