GPG 19 – Fighters Against Bullying

Saturday night, March 28th 2015 – The Events Center in Pennsauken, NJ, once again hosted Global Proving Ground, one of the premier mixed martial arts promotions in the North East.  This reporter was treated to a night of very entertaining fights.

GPG 19 – Fighters Against Bullying, (they always like to attach a theme to their shows, in an attempt to raise awareness about an important issue), was sanctioned and overseen by the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board, and featured 5 fights.  You can still catch a replay of the event at for only $14.99.  You won’t be disappointed by the two hard-fought decisions, the submission or the TKO.

The night started out with a tribute to former Bellator fighter Will Martinez. UFC Fighter Zach Makovsky was among the many fighters and former fighters were on hand to speak to Will’s accomplishments and contributions to their careers. Will is a former Bellator fighter who retired last year, with an impressive professional record of 10-3-1.  This will allow him to devote more time to the students at his gym, Martinez Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Philadelphia, PA.

Now, On to the fights!

The night opened with a hard-fought 3 round split decision win by Matt Bordonaro, over Craig Hayes.  It was a back and forth affair that saw both guys showcasing their wrestling and take down skills.

Matt Bordonaro Wins

The second fight on the card was by far my favorite. The drama was in the fact that both guys were early in their fighting careers. Nicholas Wesley, 0-0, was making his pro debut. Greg Quarantello  was 0-2. Someone’s O had to go.

Wesley opened with a leg kick that prompted Quarantello to reach for a single. Almost immediately, Wesley secured a head lock, sat back, and with his instep in Quarantello’s thigh, propelled him over his head. For a fraction of a second it looked as though Wesley would roll with the momentum and end up in mount, but Quarantello scrambled well and ended up in top position. Unfortunately for him Wesley still seemed to be a step ahead.  Wesley’s leg was already draped over Quarantello’s neck, past his shoulder.  He fought valiantly, but it was only a matter of time.  50 seconds into the contest, Wesley was able to secure his foot under his knee and lock in the triangle. Quarantello was forced to tap. You can watch the fight below.

Nick Wesley Wins

The third fight was another back and forth fight. The first round was hard to judge, as both fighters landed great shots, but it was in the second round that Tim Dooling, 0-1, found his range, and his opening and landed a great head kick that send Darnell Murphy, 1-0 to the canvas. To my surprise,

Darnell got right back up and fought valiantly, but the Tim had taken the momentum and was not going to let it go. He followed Darnell to the cage and finished him with a great body shot. Dooling by TKO.

Darnell Murphy after TKO

Tim Dooling Bob Meloni

Following that fight were two great fights that went to the cards. Mike Winters defeated Joshua Key via decision, and Washington Silva handily defeated Marques Worrell also via decision.

Mike Winters Wins

Washington Da Silva Wins

GPG will be hosting its next event on May 2nd. I would strongly recommend checking out this great promotion. Kudos to owner James ‘JJ’ Jefferson, Assistant GM Bob Meloni, and the entire crew for putting on one hell of a show. To learn more about Global Proving Ground, check out their website,

Article/Photos By: Mozz Manzoor

Photos By: Maria McCormick

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