Hamza Kooheji On First World Title Fight: ‘I Feel No Pressure, My Name Is Hamza’

Hometown hero Hamza Kooheji assured his local supporters that he doesn’t feel any pressure heading into the first World Championship bout of his professional mixed martial arts career this Friday, March 11.

The 29-year-old Bahraini is booked to vie the vacant BRAVE CF Bantamweight World Championship on Friday, March 11 as he is set to take on Brad “Superman” Katona in the main event of BRAVE CF 57.

Kooheji made an appearance during the BRAVE CF pre-fight press conference on Wednesday, March 9, and had the chance to air his thoughts with a few days left before he shares the cage with Katona.

“My name is Hamza. I was named after one of the greatest warriors in history, and Hamza means lion. So to tell me about pressure, I don’t feel pressure. I only feel confident,” he declared.

Kooheji has accomplished everything there is to accomplish both at the national and regional levels. But the only accolade missing in his trophy room is a coveted World Championship in the sport. 

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With the entire nation rallying behind him, Kooheji is expected to give it his all in order to walk out of the Khalifa Sports City Arena with his hand raised in triumph.

Capturing the intricately-crafted belt will put Kooheji in history books as the first Bahraini homegrown mixed martial artist to ever win a major World Title.


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