Hamza Kooheji Reveals Reason Behind Leaving Bahrain in Ramadan 

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and the question remains about the changes in the training regimes of professional athletes. Bahrain’s number one mixed martial artist Hamza “The Pride of Bahrain” Kooheji sets a fine example yearlong on the dedication, commitment, and effort required to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and Ramadan is no exception. 

Kooheji left the Kingdom of Bahrain earlier this month to join the renowned gym of Murat Keshtov, K-Dojo Tribe, in New Jersey, United States. The decision left the nation perplexed as to why the pride of Bahrain had decided to leave the country during the holiest time of the year. 

In Bahrain, coaches tend to lower the intensity of training sessions due to the majority of the country fasting. Sessions tend to be light prior to breaking fast at sunset, and a late session takes place following night prayers. As a result, Kooheji found it best to set camp abroad to continue improving his skills and gaining knowledge to be passed down onto the upcoming generation of Bahraini fighters.  

“In Ramadan the training gets low in Bahrain,” says Kooheji. “I had to go to the US to stay in good shape while fasting. There are a lot of professional athletes that are fasting and changing their training routine during Ramdan.” 

Kooheji is one of many professional athletes who relocate camps during this holy month in order to maintain their athletic abilities despite fasting. Unlike his preparations for fights, Kooheji’s focus in this camp revolves around his technical abilities. 

“My training during Ramadan is focused more on developing skills, less sparring and less strength and conditioning.” says Kooheji. “More technical work and fixing mistakes.”

Kooheji is set to return to Bahrain early next month, where he plans to continue inspiring the upcoming generation of athletes and promoting the benefits of a balanced healthy lifestyle to athletes and non-athletes alike. 


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