Hd Fighter Management: Bouts For The Month; Fighters to look out for in the MMA arena

LONDON, United Kingdom – The London fighting scene is heating up at Bellator 281 at the SSE Arena in Wembley. HD Fight Management fighters, Whiteford and Chadwick face their opponents in two divisions this Friday, the 13th of May, 2022.

In the Featherweight division, Whiteford meets Weichel in the cage, battling it out for that victory. Since signing the contract with Bellator MMA, Whiteford comes in with a 16-4-0 fighting record. Rob Whiteford said, “My opponent, Weichel, is very experienced & I know I will need to be on my A Game. That being said, I feel I beat him in every area & will be looking to get the job done in [an] impressive style for the fans.”

Chadwick contends with Rozanski in the Light Heavyweight division. Lee Chadwick who goes by The Butcher is at 27-15-1 against Rozanski’s pro record of 13-3-0. “I am in the top ten Light Heavyweights in the world for Bellator. I’m not overlooking this opponent but after this fight I only want to fight the guys who are in front of me. I feel I have earned that right.”

Tip of the Month from MMA betting expert, Adam Newsome:

Weichel vs. Whiteford:
Daniel Weichel is a Bellator MMA legend that has a crazy good record with 41 wins and 13 losses. He fights former UFC fighter Rob Whiteford who is extremely well-rounded and comfortable wherever the fight goes and even though he is 2 years older than Weichel, he should be the fresher fighter here. Both fighters have plenty of finishes on their records with a mix of knockouts and submissions. However, in Weichel’s last 10 fights there has only been one finish, the other 9 have gone to a decision. In Whiteford’s last 10 fights (excluding the no contest) he has gone to a decision 6 times. The recent statistics of their latest fights points to the fighter more likely to go longer than either fighter finishing their opponent. Over 2.5 Rounds could be the betting angle here. Or if you’d rather bet a side, take the underdog in Robert Whiteford.

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Chadwick vs. Rozanski:
Lee Chadwick has looked like a completely different fighter since his move up to Light Heavyweight. He is not only very visibly bigger physically but his style and his game suits fighting heavier men. Chadwick is a solid BJJ player with very good wrestling. Once he gets in top position it’s very difficult to move him or to escape from underneath him. But on the feet Chadwick has a very calm and composed technical striking style with power in his hands when he throws a punch with devastating intent. His opponent Rozanski is facing a big stepup in not only competition but also competing on the biggest stage he ever has too. Rozanski has 9 submission wins from 13 professional wins but it’s not the first time that Chadwick has faced an opponent like this. He fought and beat one of Bellator’s upcoming talents Ederson Macedo and finished him via submission. Ederson Macedo had 8 submission wins from 10 overall wins. Chadwick rallied as an underdog last time out and he is the underdog again here. That’s the value on the betting lines if you are wanting to bet this fight.


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