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Combat sports love big men that can kick butts. Heavyweights are crucial to the combat sports brand. Take a look at boxing. From the early days of boxing till now, heavyweights are more or less worshipped. To be a heavyweight fighter meant to be a god amongst other fighters of the same combat sports brand. It does please the eyes to see two burly individuals go at it with each other. Fans enjoy seeing big men throw speed punches and dart about the ring with grace and poise.

We mean no disrespect to the other class of weights in combat sports. They undoubtedly make combat sports more inclusive, dramatic, and action-packed. These other class divisions are why heavyweights are still held in high regard. Without these other weight classes, people would have been bored of heavyweight fights long ago due to repeated exposure.

The MMA has its fair share of heavyweights. These heavyweights have formed an iconic part of MMA history. The heavyweight superstar warriors are worthy of all the praise we shower on them. They are a mixture of skill, poise, and beast. There are a lot of heavyweight MMA fighters that have appeared over the years. However, in this post, we would be focusing on 10. It took a lot of effort to come with these top 10 fighters, and we worked with sports researchers at online assignment help. Now, we have curated a list of the top 10 MMA fighters, in no particular order. Enjoy the list

Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko

Although we have said that our list isn’t in a particular order, Fedor is the undisputed king or emperor of the MMA heavyweight class. The man won 27 fights without losing a match, and he went for nine years without losing. The one time he lost came in 2000, and since then, he had defeated opponents that have faced him convincingly. Although the man never fought in the Octagon, he is still widely respected in the MMA industry.

Stipe Miocic

This man should be called the revenger. He has avenged two losses out of his career already. Although the initial introduction to this man is not so glamorous, not many people would have thought him to be among the top 10 MMA fighters. He lost matches out of his first eight, and people chalked him off to be just another average heavyweight fighter. However, with a total of 19 wins and three losses, this man is nothing short of one of the best.

Cain Velasquez

Man! If Cain had the good luck of staying injury-free, he would have dominated more than he did. The man is one of the elite but for injuries. Shame on his injuries. They stole his ability as a combat sportsman. The man gave us the iconic defeat of Brock Lesnar. Imagine what more we would have had if not for those pesky injuries.

Daniel Cormier

Cormier lost once as a heavyweight fighter in a match he fought when he was a forty-year-old man. If you are familiar with how much athleticism the MMA demands, you would be amazed at what fighting at forty means. Even at that fight, he wasn’t a pushover. He gave it all he had. David has come a long way from the Olympic wrestler. Now he is one of the gods of heavyweight MMA.

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio is one tricky Brazilian. He is a skillful fighter who combines martial hearts with elite grappling skills. Fabricio has done several fights in different MMA brands. Also, he has fought in Pride, UFC, and StrikeForce. His fighting CV is decorated with having one of the most iconic submissions in the history of StrikeForce. While he has a career that is not so consistent, this man has an incredible amount of iconic wins.

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira:

A skillful fighter with mastery of jiu-jitsu, Rodrigo has a flair for the offensive. Give him a chance, and he would crush his opponent into dust. The Minotaur, or the Minotauoro as he was called, Rodrigo is what many experts would call a complete fighter. He could dish out punishment, yet he could take one also. Rodrigo is a respected fighter, and he is one of the three fighters that hold titles in PRIDE and UFC.

Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic

Filipovic is one of the most confident heavyweight MMA fighters. The man had a great belief in his skills, or should we say, in his kicks. Nicknamed the Cro Cop, Filipovic wasn’t afraid to challenge himself, and he did several tours around the world. He fought in the UFC, Bellator, RIZIN, and K-1. The man was a beast, and if you aren’t looking, he could knock you out with one of his well-placed kicks.

Randy Couture

Randy Couture set a precedent for becoming the first person to become a UFC champion in two weight divisions. Randy started as a lightweight mixed martial artist and crossed to the heavyweight division when he bulked up his mass. Randy’s career is nothing short of amazing. He beat big names like Maurice Smith to win his first heavyweight title and made a sensational return to UFC to beat Tim Sylvia to his second heavyweight title.

Alistair Overeem

They don’t call this man the demolition man for nothing. If you think that’s exaggerated, you should mention Alistair’s name near Brock Lesnar and see if he wouldn’t flinch. That’s now fearsome Alistair is. Alistair has tested his mettle across different MMA brands. He won a heavyweight title when he was at StrikeForce, DREAM, and K-1.

Frank Mir

Frank Mir is another tale of what if. Frank had a promising career which took a dive when he was involved in a bike accident in 2004. The accident took away two years from his career. No matter, the skilled jiu-jitsu fighter has done enough to put himself on the list of the greats. After defeating Brock Lesnar once, Mirko  Filipovic once, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira two times, and Roy Nelson twice, it is a no-brainer that Frank is considered a vital part of the top 10 MMA warriors.


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