Hector Lombard Interview: Tyron Woodley is a Liar

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By @LWOS_chirodoc.

The name Hector Lombard is very familiar to MMA fans. He fights in the UFC’s stacked Welterweight division, where he manhandled both Nate Marquardt and Jake Shields. In the Marquardt fight Lombard’s ferocious striking was the deciding factor, knocking Nate flat in less two minutes. In the Shields fight we were witness to the world-class grappling skill Hector possesses as he absolutely dominated Jake at his own game.

With two wins back-to-back Hector’s stock was rising fast, and the #6 ranked Welterweight was looking to break into the top five. UFC’s president, Dana White, tried to make that happen by matching Lombard up with #3 ranked Welterweight Tyron Woodley; however, when Woodley was asked to fight Lombard he turned the fight down flat, citing that he would not fight “Showeather” because they were training partners. Hector doesn’t see it that way.

I sat down with Lombard and got his views on Woodley, moving up weight classes, and wanting to “beat up” Gregard Mousasi.

Aaron Robbins: Hector, thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and talk with me.

Hector Lombard: “Of course, no problem.”

AR: Ok Hector the fans want to know what’s really going on with the Woodley situation. Do you feel he’s ducking you?

HL: “Oh yeah, he is ducking me because he knows I’m going to take him out, that’s for sure. He can’t strike with me, I’m a better striker. He can’t wrestle with me, my grappling is better. He can’t beat me, I’m a real fighter, and he is not. I wanted to fight him, but he came up with all kinds of excuses. It makes me wonder when the UFC will stop letting fighters choose who they won’t fight.

“I understand that the UFC is working hard to get me a fight, I’m not blaming them, Woodley denied the fight. I understand if you are injured, you cannot fight, but don’t come up with bullshit excuses! Don’t start with the he is #6 and I am #3 thing. If he is worried about that, then why did he go and fight Dong Hyun Kim? He fought Kim, who is #10, but he won’t fight me. It has nothing to do with rank. Don’t make excuses like you have no intentions of going back in rank to fight guys.

“He has it confused that we are training partners………


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