Helpful Hygiene Tips for MMA Fighters

An important part of remaining healthy and being a good teammate is to follow a few hygiene best practices. As an MMA fighter, you need to do everything you can to follow the established safety and health precautions in place. Not only will this help you protect yourself, but everyone you are training with, as well.

Taking time to follow proper hygiene will provide an array of benefits, including helping to keep everyone free from skin infections and illnesses. While it is up to you to figure out what types of hygienic products you will use, such as plant based skin care, the key is to use them regularly. Keep reading for some other hygiene tips for MMA fighters.  

Stay Home When Sick

You should not leave your home until you have fully recovered from a sickness. Be sure you are taking time to rest and fully recover before getting back to your training. When you do this, it will help protect your training partners from anything that is keeping you from achieving good health.

Take Regular Showers

If you take regular showers, you will smell better. However, that’s not the only benefit. Doing this will also help prevent the spread of germs from you to the people you are training with. Also, you will feel better taking a shower after a training session. Make sure you clean yourself well, from head to toe, and clean your pores. This will help ensure you remove all dirt that may be trapped in your skin.

Wear Deodorant

When you train like an MMA fighter, you are up close and personal with your training partner. You don’t want to be known as the fighter who never wears deodorant. Just put it on. You will feel better, and your training partners will appreciate it.

Keep Your Toenails and Fingernails Trimmed

Make sure your nails stay clean and trimmed. It is easy to cut people you are training with if you don’t maintain the length of your nails. Be sure your toenails and fingernails remain short.

Proper Dental Hygiene

People are going to be hesitant to train with you if you have bad breath. You can improve the smell of your breath if you brush your teeth, use mouthwash, and chew gum before training.

Wash Your Gear

If you don’t wash your gear, your training partners will know. Chances are you will get a reputation for this, too. Grappling gear can become a breeding ground for all types of bacteria, which can cause bad odors. Be sure to wash your gear regularly to avoid this.

Sanitize Your Gear

If you can’t throw part of your gear in the washing machine, such as your shin guards or mitts, be sure you are sanitizing it. This will help you prevent unwanted odor and the spread of bacteria. Be sure you air these things out when you get home to help them smell better, too.

Clean Your Mouthpiece

Take some time to clean the mouthguard you use with soap and warm water each time. This will reduce the likelihood of getting sick since your saliva may increase the growth of germs on it.

Where Footwear in the Bathroom

Make sure you don’t go in the bathroom without wearing some type of footwear. This will help protect you and everyone else because you won’t be spreading residue from the bathroom all over the gym. You can purchase cheap slip-on sandals to wear in the bathroom, which is a good way to ensure you aren’t causing problems.

As an MMA fighter, you have to stay healthy if you want to perform at your full potential while in the ring. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind to do this successfully. Taking the right steps and paying attention to your hygiene will pay off in the long run and ensure you and others remain healthy while training, as well.   


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