HK42 – Event Results

Hard Knocks Fighting presented another night of explosive Mixed Martial Arts action this month. Our next event, HK43, is coming up on May 22 at the Marking MacPhail Centre at WinSport, Calgary. Below are the results of HK 42

hkHK42 – Event Results:

Chris Anderson and NEW AMATEUR WELTERWEIGHT CHAMPION def Mac Laursen by
Ref Stoppage at 1:40 in the 2nd Round

Levi Armstrong def Jared Tordoff by
TKO at .07 in the 2nd Round

Kamikaze Punishment def Mallory Gellner by
Tapout due to Armbar at 2:49 in the 1st Round

Riley Pequin def Devon Tordoff by
KO at 1:27 in the 2nd Round

Joe Mapanda def Stephen Abrametz by
Tapout due to RNC at 2:39 in the 2nd Round

Jason Fischer and NEW PRO LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION def Ryan Dickson by
Unanimous Decision

Jesse Arnett def Vince Murdock by
Due to RNC at 3:18 in the 2nd Round

Joel Powell def Christ Franck by
Unanimous Decision

Adam Smith def Chris Mattock by
TKO due to Ref Stoppage at 3:40 in the 1st Round

Todd Stoute def Anton Tokarchuk by
KO at 4:43 in the 1st Round

Miles Anstead def Markhaile Wedderburn by
RNC at 4:04 in the 1st Round

Micah Brakefield def Josh Griffin by
Ref Stoppage due to Triangle Choke at :58 in the 1st Round

Brad Robinson def Dusty Kramps by
TKO Ref Stoppage due to Unanswered Blows at 4:01 in the 1st Round

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