Conflict 22 is stacked with a plethora of hot upcoming ammy’s, many on the verge of breaking out. One of the best examples of this is a killer clash between Eddie Miller and Tra Linen. Fight Club Series has done an amazing job of providing an excellent, pro level platform for amateur fighters on the rise. Check out this fantastic interview with Linen  below, and be there November 8th in Columbia, South Carolina for all the action!

#1 R Eric Ellison: Obviously the first question I have to ask is, what’s it like to fight in Columbia?

Tra Linen: It’s such a great feeling to compete in front of my home crowd in the city of Columbia. It’s great when you can come home to such a powerful fan basic and support, after all this is where I got my start.

#2 Heading back to the cage again, what has 2014 meant for you as a fighter?

2014 has had its  highs and lows. But overall I’ve learn a lot about myself and the people around me this year and it’s truly and blessing to wake up and know that I’m not limited to what I can and will accomplish in the remainder of this year and years to come in life & the growing sport of MMA.

#3 What brought you to competing in MMA?

I’ve always been a huge fan of martial arts. Since I was about 5 I loved  the idea of being a ninja or Samurai warrior. It was meant for me to find this sport and I truly think that if I never competed or trained I would have cheated myself out of a great opportunity to do something that has had such a powerful impact on my life.

#4 What would you say you want to accomplish inside the cage?

I am going to be the best in my weight class! I want to hold multiple titles. I want to make a living from this and I want to be able to open doors for Bigger and Better things. What will make this Journey so powerful is that I’m coming from nothing and to be able to step out and do something I’ve given my body, my time, and my life to. For pride, glory, and my family. That will show everyone that you’re not limited to where you live but how far and hard you dream and how bad you want something. GO GET IT nothing or nobody can stop you.

#5 When you sit back and look at this upcoming clash at Conflict 22, what are some of the challenges you see that get you excited for fight night?

Every fight brings a new challenge. What is so exciting about it is no fighter is the same. You might have someone that trains the same or similar styles but how much work have they put in, how advanced are they in those skills, are they stronger, faster, taller, shorter then you. There’s many things that can bring about new challenges. It’s all very exciting.

#6 Can you tell us a little about your team and where you train?
My Team. Well it’s no Secret I fight out of a BJJ school under Prof. Adam J Thomas And train with Coach Jason Stanley. My team at my home gym are a great group of guys and girls and they really are like a family to me. We laugh we hurt each other and we motivate and support one another. That’s a big deal is having people to take time out to work with you and support you in not just fighting but with anything you might be going through or might have going on in life.

#7 What are some of your favorite fighters?

One of my all time favorite fighters is Ken Shamrock. IRON Mike Tyson.  Today I love GSP, Pitbull, Silva, Rhonda, Jones and I’m pretty much a fan of people that work hard and shows up and shows out. That warrior spirit. I am a fan of the sport and student of the game.

#8 With so many people heading to Columbia November 8th for this card, if you could leave one impression on all these fans on fight night, what would you want it to be?

I want people to know that I’m for real! My school is for real. My we are for real. I want my name my face to imprint in there minds. TRIGGA TRA LINEN. remember that name.

#9 As always, we would love to hear about anybody or any sponsors helping you get ready for this one.

I will keep everyone up to date on my fan page, so check that out.

#10 Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us about this epic battle headed our way. Last question; If you were a character from Street Fighter who would you be?

Blanka, of course. Gotta love it. Had a great time, thanks man.


Conflict #22 “Conners vs Vasquez” is the 3rd part in the Fight Club Series out of Columbia, SC. Come out to enjoy the best MMA action in the cage in the Southeast! Tickets can be purchased by calling 843-603-1115 or by going online to www.conflictmmapromotions.com

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