Hosea ‘The Hammer’ Burton (25-1, 11 KOs) knows a thing or two about peak performance. The 31-year-old Light Heavyweight is prepping for the semi-finals of The Golden Contract Light Heavyweight tournament–this time with a new competitive edge.

The Great Britain native is championing the benefits of Brains Pure CBD.

“I’m sleeping better” Hosea admits. “That’s all the difference in the world–I wake up with energy, and I’m not reaching for a cup of coffee to start the day.” Burton admits to adopting a two-a-day training regime, in part due to the energy boost the CBD provides. “I’m always ready for that second session–I’m mentally prepared, and my body has never felt better.” Touting the anti-inflammatory benefits of the compound: “I plan on competing at the end of September–and I’ll be taking CBD every day throughout training camp. No aches or pains means I’m able to perform better in prep for the fight.”

With so much of a professional pugilist’s success dependent on strong mental focus, Hosea praises Brains Pure CBD for the psychological edge taking it has provided. “I don’t see any downside in taking it–with so much focus in the medical community on chemicals and pills, the thought of taking a product 100% derived from Hemp is appealing. My Aunt has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and I’ve been recommending it to her, as well. I really believe she could benefit from the product.”

Reflecting on the surging popularity of CBD oil amongst professional athletes, Burton remembers a time when it wasn’t so mainstream. “I remember thinking that CBD was only from Cannabis and had THC–something that would make me lethargic and dopey–not exactly qualities I’m looking to adopt as a pro boxer. I educated myself on the benefits of CBD, and literally within the first week, I started to notice a difference in my quality of sleep–that, plus the mental clarity throughout the day won me over.”

Rick Brar, CEO & Chairman, Brains Bioceutical Corp., notes the importance of product regulation amongst sports with strict anti-doping regulations. “The athletic division of our company has always been particularly important to us because we’ve created one of the world’s purest CBD products that has been tested by a World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) approved laboratory and some of the highest regulators in the world.” As such, Brar notes that Brains Pure CBD is proud to be involved with Hosea ‘The Hammer’ Burton as he prepares for his next contest.

The Golden Contract–a tournament created by famed promotion company MTK Global–will see Burton compete against Ricards Bolotniks in the latter’s hometown of Riga, Latvia on September 26th. Having previously defeated fellow Brit Bob Ajisafe in the quarter finals on December 14, 2019, ‘The Hammer’ enters the semi-finals armed with a new supplement bolstering his training camp–and Brains Pure CBD branding emblazoned on his trunks. With the winner securing a two-year, five fight contract – worth six figures for each of the bouts – Burton recognizes the importance of a competitive edge.

Pressed to summarize Brains Pure CBD place in his daily regime leading up to his next big bout: “I wouldn’t go into battle without it.”


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