Height: 5’11”

Weight: 135/145

Black Belt: Tae Kwon Do

Born: Morocco

Permanent Residence: USA

Current city/state: Denver, Colorado area

Ametuer Kickboxing Titles: Held Sparta Combat League, Kickdown concurrently

Glory Kickboxing’s Houssam El Kasri has not been able to get any MMA fights for far too long he told FightBookMMA’s Cameron Chrisp, basically he is calling out every Gym, in every state, for Pro MMA at 135/145 The Moroccan Maniac a Black Belt in Tae kwon do since early youth, went undefeated in the States during his ameteur run, Turning Pro soon after capturing both the Sparta Combat League, and KickDown Titles. Now, just 20, once in Glory 2018, he initially started fighting 3 times in 3 months going 2-1 with 2 KO’s at Glory Denver 56 Aug. , Glory Chicago 58 Sept., Glory New York 61 Nov. Losing his last by 1st round TKO, which I feel is fair to assume, is another nagging reason he is eager to get back in the win column, sooner than later. Glory moved it’s next event to the Europe, to El Kasri stated, eyeing his Glory return (in U.S) by sometime around May. As a result of his exclusive contract with Glory Kickboxing, El Kasri is allowed only to compete anywhere else in kickboxing, outside of Glory. The problem is, he added, he can’t find a single fighter, willing to accept his challenge in MMA for nearly a year now, even at a catch weight, I took it.  He had been quiet, for much of that time, not calling anyone out for roughly 2 years. El Kari elaborating, that system isn’t effective for him, as he considers other options.

El Kasri: “I’m trying to get paid, so I can go back to Morocco (to visit friends/family). Mother fuckers are dodging me left and right. If they want that smoke they can come get it.  I’m calling out every fighter at every Gym, in any state in 135/145 divisions. I just want to fight sometime in March, I’ll will go up to 150 if I have to (situational).”


The MOROCCAN MANIAC originally more aggressive on social media, expresses continued frustration with fighters making too many excuses, too often, about things he feels are annoying. El Kasri,  primarily wants to earn more money fighting, by fighting more often in MMA at the very least, as well as Glory. His current reason for wanting a fight in March is to finance a visit to his family and friends in his homeland of Morocco.

El Kasri: “The thing is, motherfuckers gotta say yes”

El Kasri added more or less, it has been ridiculous the last year plus, abandoning the call out system. El Kasri expresses challenges against many, from rude, out-of-place overly aggressive, out-of-place, sparring sessions during seminars, right down to guys he has already fought and  has a high amount of respect for, right down to a fighter who tried to fight him at his job, working security. El Kasri is holding off on names, till a possible last resort, as FightBook MMA understood it, going on to add that he would even consider guys with several MMA fights to El Kasri’s mere 2 (MMA/ 1 pro MMA) fight experience.

El Kasri: “Every 135/145 ers, I’m calling out all of them, from every gym”

El Kasri: “I got this fool who tried to fight me at this boxing security thing. I was working security, at this boxing show, and he tried to fight me.  He is a ameteur, but said he would turn Pro, to fight me. He had like 10 MMA ametuer fights. He’s from a well-known gym where the other guys there are cool as fuck but, If that guy bothers me again, I’m gonna fuck him up in the streets. I don’t care.”

He asks why fighters want to fight him outside the ring (or cage) but, then disappear or come up weak excuses when it comes to fighting on a card, El Kasri finds obviously frustrating, but also  confusing.  El Kasri is a kickboxer and a MMA fighter, and has zero MMA fights since his Pro MMA debut vs Rowdy Akers vs Rowdy Akers in April 2018 winning by TKO in round 1. Before that was a single Ameteur MMA fight at King of the Cage (Sloan, IA) knocking out his opponent  in the first round by TKO/KO’s in his MMA debuts. El Kasri has 2 brother who fight as well, 1 of his brothers is undefeated in MMA at 4-0.

El Kasri: “All those fools, bunch of excuses. They come up with the dumbest excuses like, the money isn’t right, my knee is injured, my ligaments hurt, my pussy hurts, my haircut isn’t lined up, I need to see my barber. I’m coming off a loss at glory, I want to fight, and I want to win. Glory moved their next card out to Europe, so I will have to wait till May, for a Glory fight. Hopefully May, I’d like it early May due to Ramadan.


El Kasri’s home gym is at Zingano’s BJJ in Broomfield, Colorado. Since, El Kasri he has signed a multi fight contract with Glory, he won 2 of his first 3, by TKO/KO since he joined the kickboxing giant. His coaches combined are Matt Simms, Daymar Ortiz, Matt Loyd (strength and conditioning)

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