How Adding Muscle Can Affect Your Golf Game

Learn how adding muscle can affect your golf game to motivate you to spend your time wisely in the off-season to better yourself when you’re on the course.

How Adding Muscle Can Affect Your Golf Game

Before Tiger Woods came onto the scene, every golfer looked like any ordinary Joe. However, Tiger bulking up to look like a Navy Seal and hitting the ball distances golfers of years past could only dream of flipped the narrative that golfers don’t need to hit the gym. This is how adding muscle can affect your golf game so that you can become the next Tiger Woods.

Reduces Injury Risk

Although golf isn’t a contact sport, you can have your fair share of injuries with the many muscles you’ll use on every shot. A rigorous strength training regimen can give you the strength to withstand those pressures and improve your flexibility. You don’t need to find your max bench as a golfer, but consistent training yields the best outcome.

More Explosive

Getting more speed on your swing is integral for improving your golf game. One way to achieve that is by gaining muscle to give you a more powerful swing. As you bulk up, you should notice that your lead arm is flying through the ball faster than before. An increase in your club speed, force, and raw power should also be evident.

Using a golf simulator is the easiest way to see if there are changes behind your swing. A golf simulator uses technology that can relay this information with each shot. Learning this information is why many professional golfers like Bryson DeChambeau enjoy simulators. And if there’s anyone who knows about bulking up on the golf course, it’s Bryson.

Maximizing Your Distance

With a more explosive swing, you’ll reap the benefits of getting more distance behind every swing. While many people’s minds go directly to what they do off the tee, it might be more vital for your game that you gain additional yardage with your iron shots. Reaching any green in two if you can execute your shots well is a great feeling that instills confidence in your abilities. A golfer should focus on their core training if gaining distance is their key objective, considering it’s the area that holds everything together.

Yardage Control

You’ll get more length for every shot, and you should have more control when you follow a strength program. From engaging multiple muscles and joints, your neuromuscular function will improve greatly. Developing this muscle memory helps you feel comfortable with every shot, considering you know what it takes to do the job.

Finding out how adding muscle can affect your golf game could motivate you to hit the weight room this winter to bulk up before golf season comes around in the spring. It’s hard to deny the results of a long, straighter, and better ball.

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