How can I Transfer Money through RTGS to Axis Bank Offline?

How can I Transfer Money through the RTGS system in Axis Bank Offline? Today, all banks offer net banking options for the easy transfer of funds via RTGS or NEFT however, some individuals who don’t have access to the net banking facilities, are able to transfer funds using RTGS or NEFT in offline mode.

There are two kinds of services offered by all banks that allow you that allow you to transfer your money quickly between accounts. These facilities are referred to be known as Real Time Gross Settlement axis bank rtgs form and National Electronic Funds Transfer.

If the amount that is to be transferred has an enormous value i.e. 2 lakhs or most likely RTGS is utilized and the funds are transferred when and as RTGS instructions are received.

In NEFT there isn’t any maximum or minimum amount for the amount of money that can be transferred. In NEFT the funds do not transfer immediately but can take several hours for the same.

How can I Transfer Money through RTGS at Axis Bank Offline?

To transfer money through RTGS and NEFT Offline at Axis Bank, you need to follow the steps below. by step procedure to transfer funds through RTGS and the NEFT Offline i.e. at the branch of the bank:

  1. Visit the branch in your area from Axis Bank from where you wish to transfer the funds

Visit to the Axis Bank Home Branch along with the necessary documents like the details of the remitter’s bank account, the beneficiary’s bank account information, branch, IFSC of the beneficiary, etc.

2. Download an RTGS/NEFT Request for Transaction Form

Contact the with the Relationship Manager as well as Bank Executive and obtain RTGS/NEFT Transfer Request Form to request a fund transfer.

3. Fill in Form for RTGS/NEFT Form for Requesting Transaction

Fill out the RTGS or NEFT Transaction Request Formula thoroughly. The form must include these details:

  • Input the date
  • Select one of the choices, RTGS or NEFT
  • Mention the amount that will be remittedor transferred picashow app (both in words and figures)
  • Include Beneficiary Information Name of the account, the number of the account IFS Code, branch name and bank name of the beneficiary.
  • In the memo, include the name of the applicant and the remitter In the form of a note, write the name and the account number of the person who remitted the money. Also, you must mention the reason for the transfer (usually in 150 characters)

4: Check the mandatory declaration that is at the bottom of the form.

It is necessary to complete the mandatory declaration that is at the at the bottom of the RTGS/NEFT Demand for Transaction Form.

5: Fill out the RTGS or NEFT Transaction Request Form

You must sign the designated space at the lower right corner of the RTGSor NEFT Application for Transaction. If you’re a non an individual, you will need to add the stamp and signature of your authorized signatories in that spot.

6: Submit RTGS/ NEFT Transaction Request Form

Fill out and submit the completed RTGS or NEFT Demand for Transaction form to the Bank Executive.

7. Accept acknowledgment of the request

Bank Executive will verify your form, signature, and other information. If he believes that the application is completely correct it will provide you with an acknowledgment of the request.

8. Process of your request for Transfer Funds through RTGS or NEFT

After confirmation, Axis Bank will Transfer the funds through RTGS or the NEFT method directly from the account of your beneficiary’s.

7: Check of your request for Transfer Funds through RTGS or NEFT

You will receive an email or SMS from Axis Bank either through SMS to your new mobile number, or by email regarding how to process your request to transfer Funds through RTGS or NEFT withdrawal from your account when the transaction has taken place. If you are not receiving any notifications you can call your branch to confirm that the transaction has been completed.

ow can I Transfer Money through RTGS to Axis Bank Offline?


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