How Long Does CBD Hemp Flower Last In Your System?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the two widely-studied cannabis compounds, the other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The primary difference between these two compounds is that THC is both psychoactive and intoxicating, whereas CBD is not. That explains why most medical cannabis products tend to contain high CBD concentrations, with THC enjoying popularity among recreational cannabis users.

But while CBD contains incredible health benefits, the compound doesn’t come cheap. And although the price of cannabidiol depends on various factors like the brand and delivery method, CBD products containing around 1000 milligrams of cannabidiol generally cost around $60.

Now, one way to get huge returns from any CBD purchase is to opt for products that deliver longer-lasting benefits. Whether you try high quality hemp cigarettes or from the physical store of your preferred distributor, you want a product that can last in your system as long as reasonably possible.

But just how long does CBD hemp flower last in your system? That question shall be the focus of this post.

Various Ways to Consume CBD Hemp Flower

It’s essential to begin slow by familiarizing yourself with some of the common ways to administer hemp flower to understand how long CBD hemp flower lasts in your system.

For starters, there are six popular ways of consuming CBD, including:

  • Vaping CBD-based products, including e-juices, herbal extracts, or wax concentrates.
  • Smoking dried cannabis extracts, such as flowers, buds, and leaves.
  • Consuming CBD edibles like gummy bears, chocolate products, beverage drinks, etc.
  • Swallowing CBD-formulated tablets and pills
  • Topical application of CBD-enriched skincare products
  • Sublingual administration of CBD oil tinctures

While there are numerous CBD delivery methods, vaping and smoking are the most common ways of consuming CBD hemp flowers. Both of these methods are famous for their fast onset time, as they deliver cannabinoids directly onto your system. When you vape or smoke CBD hemp flower, the vapor or smoke enters your lungs, where it immediately gets into your bloodstream and exerts its effects.

The effects of vaping or smoking hemp flower can usually be felt in as little as 5 minutes. On the flip side, it could take you up to three hours to feel the effects of consuming CBD by other methods, such as edibles. In addition to a higher onset time, vaping or smoking CBD hemp flower also comes with higher bioavailability. In simpler terms, more cannabidiol enters your system compared to the total amount consumed.

Vaping and smoking boast CBD bioavailability of up to 70%, compared to edible products where only 30% of CBD would eventually get into your system.

However, the faster onset time and higher bioavailability you get by vaping or smoking CBD hemp flower comes with a tradeoff regarding how long those effects last. Typically, the effects of CBD hemp flower last from 1 to 4 hours. That’s in contrast to CBD edibles, whose effects can last all day long.

Other Factors Determining How Long CBD Hemp Flower Stays In Your System

Besides your preferred delivery method, several other factors could determine the duration the effects of CBD hemp flower lasts in your system.

Some of those factors include:

1.     Your dosage

Higher CBD doses translate to longer-lasting effects. However, this may not always be the case, as CBD tends to be less effective at very high doses. If you consume more cannabidiol than you should, you’re more likely to experience adverse effects like nausea and drowsiness, as opposed to enjoying the compound’s therapeutic benefits.

And that begs the question, how much CBD should you consume?

Well, there’s no hard-and-fast rule on the amount of CBD hemp flower you can vape or smoke. That’s because each user has their ideal dose. However, the conventional wisdom is to begin small and then gradually increase your doses as you get used to the substance.

2.    Your frequency of use

Regular consumers of CBD hemp flower are more likely to experience longer-lasting effects than occasional users. It’s important to note that cannabidiol builds up in the body over time if consumed regularly. This underscores the importance of moderating your intake.

3.    Your body chemistry

Various aspects of body chemistry, such as metabolic rate and CBD tolerance, might also determine how long CBD hemp flower’s effects last.

A higher metabolism means that it takes a shorter duration for the effects of vaping or smoking CBD hemp flower to travel from the lungs to various parts of the body. It also means that those effects generally wear off much faster. Therefore, people with high metabolic rates experience faster CBD onset time but shorter-lasting effects than those with low metabolic rates.

When it comes to tolerance, people with higher CBD tolerance tend to vape or smoke more CBD hemp flowers than users who are yet to develop a tolerance for the substance. And, more CBD consumption translates to longer-lasting effects.

Why Does This Information Matter?

Understanding how long the effects of CBD hemp flower lasts in your system is useful in managing some of the cannabidiol’s side effects.

There’s a common misconception among many aspiring CBD users that the substance doesn’t trigger side effects. That misconception is fueled by the fact that CBD is partially non-psychoactive. But while you won’t get high from vaping or smoking CBD hemp flower, cannabidiol isn’t entirely risk-free. Many users have reported a host of side effects, such as drowsiness, dry mouth, fatigue, and nausea.

Knowing what to expect from CBD hemp flower might help calculate your dose to avoid experiencing cannabidiol’s side effects. However, the good news is that the effects of consuming CBD hemp flower tend to be mild and short-lasting.

The information can also be invaluable in determining the right amount of CBD to consume, depending on the medical condition you’re trying to treat. As we already mentioned, the effects of vaping or smoking CBD hemp flowers are shorter than consuming CBD edibles. Therefore, hemp flower is typically recommended if you’re looking for instant relief from acute illnesses, such as headaches.

For chronic diseases like arthritis, insomnia, or post-traumatic stress disorder, you’d require CBD products whose effects last longer in your system. If you must vape or smoke CBD hemp flower as a remedy for chronic conditions, consider upping your doses to increase the duration the substance lasts in your system.


Smoking and vaping are the two most common ways of consuming CBD hemp flower. Each of these delivery methods comes with a faster onset time and higher bioavailability. However, their effects tend to wear out much faster, typically within 1 to 4 hours.

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