How Much Money Does McGregor – Nurmagomedov – Tyson – Mayweather Make With Each Instagram Post

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A new research¹ from Compare the Market has revealed just how much the highest-earning fitness influencers could be earning from Instagram alone.

Wrestler turned actor The Rock was revealed as the highest-earning figure earning approximately $767,196 USD per post – other fitness stars and influencers who made the list include Conor Mcgregor, Logan Paul, and Floyd Mayweather

The fitness influencers earning the most money on Instagram, including The Rock and Conor McGregor

  • New research by reveals which fitness influencers are estimated to be earning the most per post on Instagram
  • Wrestler-turned-actor The Rock was revealed as the highest-earning figure sharing fitness content, earning approximately $767,196 USD per post
  • Other fitness stars and influencers to make the top 10 include Conor McGregor, Logan Paul, and Michelle Lewin

If you’ve ever been looking for some #fitspo to inspire your fitness routine, it is not uncommon to turn to online fitness influencers for advice and motivation. With this in mind, new research¹ from Compare the Market has revealed just how much the highest-earning fitness influencers could be earning from Instagram alone.

Using an Influencer Marketing and Analytics tool², Compare the Market generated follower and fan engagement data to work out the median estimated earnings per post from fitness influencers on the gram.

RankInfluencerInstagram follower countEstimated earnings per 1 x post ($USD)
1The Rock289,509,833$767,196
2Conor McGregor43,604,719$115,569
3Khabib Nurmagomedov32,457,386$85,991
4Floyd Mayweather27,698,839$72,379
5Mia Khalifa26,792,957$71,005
6Arnold Schwarzenegger22,118,268$58,617
7Logan Paul21,957,039$58,193
9Mike Tyson16,151,681$42,796
10Michelle Lewin14,528,206$38,499

Taking the top spot for the highest earners is wrestler-turned-actor The Rock, who when he’s not taking part in action-packed blockbusters is sharing his muscle-building fitness routines and protein-packed diet. In addition to his athleisure and sugar-free energy drink brands, the star could be raking in a whopping $767,196 per post from Instagram alone.

It’s the battle of combat sports further down the list, with Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor just edging out Russian MMA fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov and American icon Floyd Mayweather, as his estimated earnings are a knockout at $115,569 per post. As world-class athletes, they regularly share their weight training and diet routines, along with endorsement deals. However, McGregor’s whisky promotion may not be recommended for a fit and healthy lifestyle!

Meanwhile, according to the research, Mia Khalifa could be earning around $71,005 from each Instagram post. Her 26.7 million Instagram followers are regularly updated with resistance training content with her personal trainer, as well as motivating lifestyle tips. Youtuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul weighs in at number seven and could be raking in $3,026,036 a year – if he was to post once a week.

Just pushing Tammy Hembrow and Anllela Sagra out of the top 10 is Michelle Lewin, who is estimated to be earning a cool $38,499 per post. While she regularly posts health tips and workout videos, Lewin is also the owner of a vitamin supplements brand and even her own fitness app, which she promotes to her followers.

Commenting on the research, Anthony Fleming, General Manager of Health Insurance at Compare the Market, says: “Over the lockdowns, online fitness influencers gained a whole new appreciation as people looked to keep fit with limited access to gyms and workout facilities. However, although fitness influencers are a great source of motivation for many, you should always make sure to consult with a qualified professional before taking any health advice.”

To see the full top 20 list where the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Arnold Schwarzenegger are included, please visit:

Data and sources:

1.    Compare The Market sought to determine the highest-earning influencers on Instagram. To obtain the top-earning fitness influencers, we used the HypeAuditor tool’s list and filtered the data for the category ‘fitness’ correct as of 13/01/2021.

2.    We then used HypeAuditor’s influencer marketing and analytics tool to generate follower and fan engagement for each account. With this information, we were then able to calculate the fee each could demand per sponsored post. The ranking is based on the median price of each Instagram post for each influencer.

3.    Please note, the money figures from the tools were given in US dollars, therefore we exchanged the figures into GBP, Australian Dollars, and Euros using the currency converter tool, All currency figures are correct as at 13/01/2022.


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