How the Pros Make Weight Before Their Fight

In combative sports, fighters have a weigh-in before stepping in the ring. For professional circuits, they can have as much as a day between the weigh-in and fight, but amateur ones give a few hours. Most will shed water weight and then rehydrate to be heavier before the actual fight. This gives them a competitive advantage, but trying to cut too much, too fast can be a disadvantage to both the fight and the health of the fighter. Trainers will all have unique methods for helping make weight, but most feature individualized diet plans, cutting slowly and waiting for the last couple of days to cut water.

Diet Plans

Clean eating is a big focus of professional fighter’s training, with a trainer designing individualized plans designed to help build the muscle during training and slowly taper off as the weigh-in approaches. These plans are heavy in carbs and protein to fuel the body’s muscle building. Not everyone has the benefit of a trainer like professional fighters do, so if you want to cut weight like one, you will want to find a nutritionist or doctor to help you design your plan. Even Supplements can help you achieve your weight goal, and finding coupons can be a perfect way to save money while helping you cut weight. For example, you can even score bonuses like a High Impact Plant Protein coupon to get started.

Cut Weight Slowly

Losing too much weight in too short of a period can cause serious damage to the body and some professionals or amateurs who have tried this have landed in the hospital. Therefore, it is a good idea to start cutting it early with a customized diet plan designed to taper calories down and weigh yourself often during the training period. This will give you a good idea of how much weight you can safely lose in a day and adjust the plan as you go. Avoiding sodium, which retains water, can help you see better results and tell your trainer, nutritionist, or doctor if you encounter any issues.


Keeping hydrated during training camp will help you gain muscle as water is one of the things that the body needs to build muscle. Starting your dehydration too soon or resorting to spending a long time in a sauna, can lead to a weaker feeling body as well as cramps, light-headedness, and long-term damage to the body. Tapering off your hydration as you near the weigh-in can smooth out the weight-loss and reduce these effects.

Risks and Benefits

The biggest benefit of cutting weight for fighters is maintaining their fighting class in combative sports while still having an edge over their opponents. Bigger people hit harder which can exhaust opponents faster. If done correctly, through gradual reductions in the meal plan and hydration, this can offer a significant advantage to the fighter and he or she can win the bout.

When weight is not cut correctly, the fighter can end up with a significant disadvantage in the fight or in the hospital. It is not recommended to cut too much weight because it can cause problems in both the short and long-term and most trainers will suggest less than ten percent of your body weight. Because of the difference between how testosterone and estrogen build muscle, it is easier for men to cut water weight than women because it is pulled from muscle mass. If the weight is cut too quickly, through long sauna visits, you can see disoriented and achy fighters in the ring.

Cutting weight for professional fighters means clean eating, gradual weight loss during training camps, and staying hydrated during training to build muscle. Calorie intakes and water are gradually decreased to release water weight from muscle mass before the weigh-in and then the fighters rehydrate before the fight itself. Doing it right can win you the title and doing it wrong can land you in the hospital, so it is a good idea to have a trainer, nutritionist or doctor help you design a meal plan.


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