How to Become a Professional Wrestler


Do you aspire to be a part of the oldest sport on earth? Yes! Wrestling finds its roots back in 3000 BC. Today, It is a diverse sport with more than 200 nations participating worldwide. Athletes from all across the world are allowed to be a part of this sport regardless of any differences based on their geography, cultural backgrounds, caste or gender.


Wrestling is regarded as one of the most dangerous sports in the world. This sport is known for its determination, perseverance and rigour. The work ethics of wrestlers are praiseworthy. So if you are willing to join this sport, you need to have it all mapped out. This article will help you find a direction on how to become a professional wrestler.

  1. Start playing a sport

The main goal is to keep yourself fit and active. Tim Wiese, Allen Coage (Bad News Brown), and Lex Luger, all are famous wrestlers and all of them have a sports background. Playing sports not only keeps you active but inculcates many qualities in a person. For instance, being a team player, enhanced concentration, discipline and dedication. All these qualities can help you in wrestling as well.

  1. Join a club

Many schools have started organising wrestling clubs for their students. Otherwise, you can join any training centre or wrestling clubs outside your school. This will help you find a mentor for yourself who can teach you various tactics of this sport. You can learn more about your weaker areas and turn them into strength with consistent training. They will also guide you well about your diet plans and workout sessions.

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  1. Find a Mentor

As discussed above, a professional wrestler needs to have a coach. A coach or mentor will help you set the right mindset for playing this sport. Your coach will guide you through the various phases of training. They will push to your limits so that you can be the start in the ring! They will train your mind and body both on how to play this sport and become a professional wrestler.

  1. Intense workout sessions

If you want to become a professional wrestler, be ready for intense workout sessions. This will include strength training sessions where you will be trained to lift heavyweights. You will be performing bicep curls, deadlifts, calf raises and other strength training exercises. Next, you will also have to increase the number of cardio sessions in your workout so that you do not get tired quickly while wrestling. This includes running on a treadmill, cycling and jogging.

  1. Decide your profile

Every wrestler has a different personality. Take inspiration from the invincible Rey Mysterio Jr. when he had his mask on or the scary outfits of Leon Allen White as Big Van Vader. Robin, one of the physical education experts at myassignmentassistance says, “People might not know who Mark William Calaway is but they would surely respond when they hear the name, Undertaker! All these legends of wrestling have a persona that glorifies their personality as a wrestler. Similarly, you need to decide what kind of a wrestler you want to be and start working on that personality for the ring.”

  1. Learn from the best wrestlers themselves

Follow the best wrestlers, their lifestyle, advice and make your way to become a professional wrestler. Here are a few important tips from the best wrestlers for you:

  • Christopher Daniels once revealed how hard it is to be a wrestler. He said that when he was beginning, he used to be in his wrestling school four days a week. He wrestled as many people as he could so that he could understand his skills.
  • Dolph Ziggler preaches hard work as the key to be a better wrestler. He appreciates working hard because it gives a sense of satisfaction that despite the challenges he did his best.
  • John Cena, the heart-throb of the wrestling world, suggests that one should be prepared for life after wrestling no matter how well they are doing in the sport.
  • Ken Kennedy suggests that one should become a sponge. Absorb as much information as you can. Keep trying, keep training, keep working hard. Kennedy says that he got rejected numerous times but he never gave up. He continued to learn and became a better wrestler day by day.
  1. Answering some questions on how to become a professional wrestler

#1 Do you need a qualification to become a wrestler?

You need to associate yourself with a wrestling school. As far as academics are considered, it is advised that you complete high school if you want everyone to take you seriously. Also, if you are concerned about life after wrestling, having a good academic background is a good idea!

#2 Are wrestlers given a salary?

Yes, the salary of wrestlers majorly depends on their performance in the ring and their contract. So there is no fixed salary for every wrestler. But, you will get paid for what you do.

#3 What is the right age for learning wrestling?

Wrestling is a sport where age doesn’t matter. It is advised that you start as early as you can. Even if you are a teenager. Start practicing. Attend wrestling schools and make your dream your passion. You might not know but kids as young as five-year-olds are learning wrestling these days.

#4 How much will it cost to become a wrestler?

According to resources, becoming a wrestler requires a huge upfront investment. You need to enrol in a wrestling school, have a high-protein diet, take supplements like Vitamin D, Zinc etc. You need gear for wrestling too and all of this incurs cost.


One last advice on how to become a professional wrestler would be to ‘just begin’. Start training. See where your passion takes you. Test whether you have what it takes to become a professional wrestler. Hope you have got all the necessary information to start your wrestling career. Do write to us if you need to know anything else about wrestling.


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