How to bet on MMA: betting tips & types of bets

How to place bets online on MMA sports?

At the moment there is a considerable number of different martial arts: boxing, jiu-jitsu, judo, wrestling, karate, sambo and many others. MMA is a martial art that incorporates the techniques and rules of many other types and is a mixture of various martial arts.

MMA includes the best elements of many martial arts schools, which makes this sport extremely popular, in many ways MMA has already surpassed boxing. Recently, MMA has presented a considerable number of stars that are widely known not only to fans of this sport: KonorMakGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov, Fedor Emelianenko, Stipe Miocich and many others.

The leading MMA tournaments have different rules to keep in mind when realizing their predictions. For example, on the Asian and European tours, the participants have a lot more freedom than in the USA.

There are several major MMA organizations in the world:

  • The UFC is the biggest and greasiest MMA organization to date, run by Dane White.
  • Bellator is the world’s second largest organization.
  • ASA is a Russian company. There are many promising fighters and established stars in it. According to some experts, ACA is already higher in fighters than Bellator.

MMA Betting

MMA bets are accepted in all bookmakers, of which there are quite a few today. Moreover, you can check your forecast both in the office of one of the companies and in real-time using the Internet. This sport has quite a lot of its own characteristics and is instilled when making a bet. Let’s consider them in more detail.

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For example, the world betting company Betway offers MMA bets with good odds. You can place a bet on the official website or through the Betway app.

Types of bets on MMA

MMA bets accepted at bookmakers can be of various types:

  • Outcomes. The most common variation is a bet on the victory of one of the fighters. Draws in MMA are very rare, so many bookmakers don’t even offer such an outcome.
  • Total rounds. This type of bet is found in most cases when approximately two equal fighters are involved in the battle. When making such a bet, it should be borne in mind that ordinary fights in MMA consist of 3 rounds of 5 minutes, but there are title fights in which there are already 5 rounds of 5 minutes.
  • Early end of the battle. MMA is a cruel sport and the fight does not always last for all rounds, often it ends ahead of schedule. Bookmakers offer to place bets on this.
  • The method of victory. There are several ways to win in MMA: knockout, judicial decision, technical knockout, surrender of the opponent. In bookmakers, you can bet on how the fight will end.

The general selection of bets is not as great as in other sports. In order not to lose, one should correctly analyze the physical fitness of a fighter and general information about him, as well as look at the features of bets.

Features of MMA 

  1. Promotions: MMA tournaments are held within a specific organization. The most influential tournament company is the UFC. UFC fights are more common in the bookmaker line. Also, the UFC has the largest number of fighters with big names, including. Among them are Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor. Less common in the line are battles under the auspices of Bellator, M-1 and other companies.
  2. Show and entertainment are the main requirements for today. Therefore, they arrange trash-currents shocking the audience and heat up the degree of tension between the fighters before the fight.
  3. Unpredictability: favorites often lose. The picture shows the results for May 27, 2018. 6 underdogs took over the favorites at once.
  4. Irregularity of fights. A professional MMA fighter does not perform a maximum of 2-3 times a year. Accordingly, the rest intervals between fights sometimes exceed six months – the time during which some fighters manage to lose their form.
  5. 8 weight classes from flyweight to heavyweight. Of particular interest are the transitions of fighters from one category to another. Fighters often fail to start in a new category. Also a tense moment is the weighing of athletes, before whom they often have to hastily reduce the weight in order to “fit” into the category.
  6. The round lasts 5 minutes. In addition to the duration of the rounds, their number is also different. Most matches have 3 rounds. There can be 5 rounds in title fights.
  7. Variety of styles of fighters. It is interesting to watch a duel, where one fighter is a pronounced “drummer”, and the other prefers to fight on the ground.


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