How to Bring Additional Sales to Your Gym

The current state of your gym might be enough to keep it open and bring money in, but perhaps you are looking for ways to build upon that capital and take your business to the next level. Gyms are a business model that can make it easy to bring in additional sales, no matter what your size. Take a look at these suggestions and see which ones would be best for your company’s needs. With a few adjustments, you could be earning greater revenue than you had all year. 

Offer Workout Gear

Workout gear, either branded or not, is a simple way to encourage sales. You can include all types of gear, from muscle shirts and sweatshirts to athleisure and crop tops with leggings, popular with the running or yoga crowd. 

If you decide to brand your gym’s name on everything, think of it as free advertising that can help spread the word. Gyms that are in cities with a lot of competition might find this an effective way of spreading the word. Clients sometimes make the best forms of advertisement. If people are impressed by how in shape someone is, they are more likely to try out your gym if they know they go there. 

Provide In-Demand Classes

Find out what classes are in demand where you live. Zumba, cycling, and yoga are popular workouts for individuals of all ages, but many folks are taking an interest in different forms of self-defense, such as MMA fighting or krav maga. For individuals who aren’t settled on one specific style, MMA can be appealing, since it is usually referred to as no-holds-barred or ultimate fighting. When offering new classes, seek qualified instructors, and try to get feedback to find out what current and potential students want. 

Consider Supplements

Offering supplements can ensure that your gym is a one-stop-shop for people who are looking to stay fit. While you can offer protein powders, capsules, and other forms of supplements in person, consider providing a website where people can purchase these as well. If you find yourself asking what is ecommerce, find out more about online sales, and how they can boost overall revenue by not relying on local clients to purchase from them. 

Find Out What Customers Want

This is a little more time-consuming than the other options since you’ll need to get feedback and opinions on your gym’s current setup. Although many people don’t enjoy taking surveys, offering an incentive can be a good way to get them to complete one, and it can teach you a lot about what your gym needs to offer to keep up with the competition. Asking open-ended questions and getting opinions on what is currently wrong and what your gym could do to be better can provide you with surprising insight, allowing you to make changes and see if these pay off. 

Consider Adding Additional Benefits to Your Gym

This suggestion asks you to take a look at your competition and find out what they are offering customers. Do they provide childcare for those who want to work out but have kids? Are other gyms open later or do they have showers, towel service, or other types of benefits that your gym doesn’t? Maybe newer machines might help, or the addition of personal trainers who can help your clients work on and meet their fitness goals. It might seem overwhelming and intimidating at first, but approaching the problem in this manner can give you guidance on what more you need to do to improve. 

If you are looking for ways to ensure that your gym can have additional sales, it is important to consider what people want and what will encourage them to either spend money on goods or memberships for your business. Listening to customer needs and finding out what they want can go a long way in showing that you care and you are willing to offer them what they need. 


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