How To Create an Online Fitness Blog

Did you just reach a fitness breakthrough that you want to share with others? Or are you looking for some accountability when it comes to exercising? Creating an online fitness blog can be a great tool for those things. Keep reading to learn how to start your blog.

Consider If You Want a Blog or Website

If you want to create an online fitness blog, you should think about your long-term plans for it. For example, perhaps you just want a place to document your fitness journey and share it online. But maybe you eventually want to do more with your blog. One day, you may want to sell meal plans or workout plans. You may want to create an online course for people who are just getting into fitness.

Knowing your long-term goals can help you create the best blog from the start. That way, you can choose a platform, name, and template that will be flexible enough for your future needs. As your blog grows and you add products or courses, you’ll be able to do so without redoing your blog from scratch.

Determine Your Budget

Next, think about how much you’re willing to spend on your blog each year or each month. You can find a lot of free blogging services, but they usually have some limitations. Other free blog services offer paid versions, so if you don’t have a budget now, they can be good if you want to invest later to get more features. But if you know you want your blog to become the hub of a fitness business, you should pay for your blog right away.

Then, you can get a professional domain name and site. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on your blog, though. But many paid blogs let you use services like Netflow to monitor your network and track your security. That can be helpful as you grow your blog and business.

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Select a Blog Platform

Now, you’re ready to select a platform to use for your blog. WordPress is probably the most common blogging platform, and you have two options: and The first version has a free plan, so you can start blogging immediately, which is great if you want your blog to be a hobby. You can also upgrade to a paid plan for more features. However, can get expensive if you want a ton of features, but is a software that you install on any hosting account, so it can cost less.

Blogger is another free blog platform, but it can’t support a full website as well as WordPress. Other website platforms with blog capabilities include Wix and SquareSpace. You can start either of those for free, and you can upgrade to a paid plan when you want more features.

Come Up With a Blog Name

Before you can create your online fitness blog, you need to decide on a name. An easy option would be to use your name or combine your name with the word fitness. But you can also brainstorm some fitness blog names that don’t include your name. If you want to focus on a certain type of fitness, like boxing, you can name your blog based on that. Or if you want to focus on fitness for people on the keto diet, you can use that in your name.

Don’t be afraid to brainstorm tons of blog names before you create your blog. Make sure the domain is available for your blog name too, that way you don’t have to settle for a name you aren’t as excited about.

Choose a Theme or Template

After you create your blog, you’ll need to choose a theme or template for it. The theme or template determines where your content will show up on your blog pages. You don’t need to go crazy with the design, and you can find plenty of free options that are compatible with your blog platform. Then, you can adjust the colors or swap out fonts so that it looks more like your blog and your style.

Starting a blog is exciting, and you may want to just create it right now. But if you want to create an online fitness blog that’s a success, you should consider the name and where to host your blog. That way, you can enjoy blogging for years to come.


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