How To Cultivate a Fighter’s Body

The world of martial arts is one in which you truly need the Eye of the Tiger in order to survive. A fighter needs to cultivate an ideal body capable of peak performance in order to stand a chance in the ring, and doing so will require discipline. However, all of that discipline is wasted without an informed health and fitness plan. Here are the tips you’ll need to become the ultimate fighter.

Your Diet

The most important part of any health endeavor is your diet. You are what you eat, as they say, and your body needs vitamins and nutrients to function and, more importantly, recover from the rigorous activity of physical combat. To give your body the nutrition it needs to bring its A game, you’ll have to first understand the basics. Carbs and protein are the most important nutrients for physical activity, because the former is the body’s preferred energy source, while the latter is what builds and maintains muscles.

You’ll also need to take into account the amount of hydration and electrolytes that are expanding in sweat. These vital materials are in short supply during a bout, and making up for those losses in between rounds is crucial. Dieting can be complicated, however, and many fitness-minded individuals prefer using dietary supplements to get more of what they need without being forced to accept superfluous nutrients. For example, protein powder is made from dairy, but it excludes the vast majority of the high fat content of milk. Try Googling Thrive reviews to find dietary supplements that can help fuel your workouts and your fights without all of the baggage.

Your Workout

Exercise is an essential part of honing a body to perfection. Once you’ve adequately fueled your body for rigorous activity, you’ll need to find the perfect workout that can meet your needs effectively and efficiently. It’s worth noting that industrial gym equipment gives you that efficiency, but the machines themselves are quite costly. A gym membership can save you the majority of the cost over a shorter period of time, while building a home gym is ideal for those willing to invest in a lasting transformation.

You need to establish a basic level of fitness throughout the body, no matter who you are or what you do. However, a fighter will need a different set of exercises that can specialize their body for martial arts beyond that simple baseline. For example, cardio is essential for any physical activity, fighting included. However, a fighter needs to be both physically strong and agile. This means that the bodybuilding method of fitness isn’t truly applicable. While it can increase strength a fair amount, most bodybuilding is for show, and it can actually restrict your range of movement past a certain point. That being said, physical strength is a crucial part of any martial art, so giving the arms and legs more attention is advised. You can’t neglect core strength, either, because that’s what will keep you standing under duress.

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Your Willpower

The primary problem that people run into when trying to improve their health and fitness is staying motivated. While the rewards are promising, they don’t come easily or quickly enough for it to feel worth it in the moment. This is precisely why you shouldn’t worry about staying motivated, however. Motivation is simply insufficient when making this kind of change, because it truly is difficult for people to uproot their lifestyles, even for the better.

Discipline can succeed where motivation fails. Instead of reminding yourself what’s at stake, you simply need to operate from the perspective of gritting your teeth and baring it. In other words, fake it ‘til you make it. Once your workout plan has become a fitness routine, the difficulty associated with committing to that routine will fade to some extent. However, it will always take discipline to continue making healthy decisions when you could always settle for less.


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