How To Gain Muscle Like a Pro Body Builder

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Have you ever seen a bodybuilder and wondered why they took the time and effort to build their muscles? Bodybuilders might answer that it has something to do with challenging themselves or enjoying the thrill of competing.

There are various benefits for gaining muscles. For instance, you increase your metabolic rate by gaining strength, fortifying your bones, ligaments, and tendons, making everyday activities more leisurely, and giving your body more definition.

The secret to building massive muscle mass is something we all want to discover. Even though many of us mistakenly believe that the secret lies in a personal bodybuilding training regimen, magical protein powder, or muscle gaining pills. But, in reality, you need to follow a rigorous training plan to achieve massive muscle gains. Therefore, this article will help you gain muscles like a pro bodybuilder. So, read on to find out.

Pick and Stick to your Training Schedule

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It is yet another one of those apparent things you continually overlook. Even though some regimens may look great on paper, choose a unique program if you cannot stick to them because of family or work commitments. In case you feel you can only do 3-4 weight training sessions per week, then that is what you should do.

When you miss 1 to 2 sessions every week, following a 5 to 6 session per-week program makes little sense. As a result, it’ll frustrate you and see a slight improvement in gains. Be sure to select a program you know you will follow since consistency is key to extraordinary muscle growth!

Your Workout Routine

Workouts are also essential for boosting body health by preventing stress and conditions that can cause various mental conditions. They are also critical for improving oxygen distribution and boosting body immunity. If you want to workout at home, consider getting Ativafit adjustable dumbbell.

Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Chronic inflammation can prevent your muscles from recovering and derail your gains. The good news is that CBD might have beneficial effects on post-workout inflammation, optimizing the body’s ability to recover from intense exercise.

Improved Sleep Quality

Weightlifting causes muscle tears that require rest to repair and rebuild. Insufficient sleep makes it difficult for your body to synthesize protein into muscle. Nearly every bodily function is impacted by sleep, including breathing, the immune system, and growth and stress hormones.

An article published in 2012 by Pharmaceuticals compared CBD to nitrazepam- a drug used to treat severe anxiety and insomnia. Researchers discovered that volunteers’ sleep duration increased after taking 160mg of CBD.

Getting Enough Carbs

Lifters who eat low carbohydrates to stay lean may find gaining muscle difficult, as this approach makes them feel sluggish. The two most important reasons for eating carbs are avoiding muscle loss and creating glycogen for energy.

People trying to gain muscle often make the mistake of restricting carbs. However, carbs are essential because your body prioritizes burning carb calories before protein. Without adequate glycogen, you won’t exert the effort necessary to improve your size.

Therefore, you should always eat carbs before exercise to be broken down, turned into energy, and again after the workout to replenish the glycogen depleted after exercise.

Varying Your Bodybuilding Workouts

Any bodybuilding exercise regimen gets your body used to it. Your body adapts much faster as you get more advanced. As a result, you should vary your workouts to maximize muscle-building results.

If you want to alter your activities effectively, cycle the exercises you use in your training routines and change the number of sets, reps, and rest periods between each stage in an orderly and logical way. You can achieve consistent muscle mass and strength increases by varying these variables correctly.

Eat Whole Foods Whenever Possible

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You should consume about 90% of your food intake as whole foods to gain muscle mass and achieve your goals.


It is a type of food that has been as close as possible to its natural state without processing or refinement. These include fresh fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, rice, and quinoa.

Processed foods

These products usually contain sugar, trans-fats, nitrates, corn syrup, sodium, and more. Examples include fruit bars, cereals, cookies, sausages, frozen meals, and supplements.


Gaining body muscle isn’t a simple task. However, if you want to achieve it like a pro bodybuilder, you can do so by using the proper training schedule, taking CBD, taking enough carbs, and other ways mentioned above.



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