How To Increase Punching Power And Speed

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Combat sports have been a dependable way of instilling discipline, promoting physical activities, and learning the basics of self-defense. Among the different types, boxing is one of the standard fighting sports many people are interested in. Yet, you may need to develop your punching power and speed to succeed in this area.

If you’re planning to box anytime soon, you should know some steps and tips to improve your jabs and hooks. You may also need to learn the drills to improve your footwork and balance, among other things. As such, read on to learn all these things!

Practice In A Boxing Training Station

Investing your time, money, and effort in an exclusive boxing training station like Boxmaster is an excellent option to develop your muscles for improved punching power. In addition, regular practice using this product could enhance your reflexes and reaction time, leading to quicker movement and pacing.

Many boxing training stations combine the features of standalone boxing pads, double end bags, and speed bags. In addition, these products have adjustable springs that could help you improve your anticipation and punch selection. In choosing a boxing training product, you may consider durable but not very hard bags as too much compactness may cause hand injury.

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Strengthen Your Legs And Fists

To improve your punching power, you may need to strengthen your leg muscles since these are where your strength comes from. To do this, you may need to run regularly. You could alternate sprints and long runs for this purpose.

You may also need to focus on anaerobic endurance exercises like jumping rope, biking, weightlifting, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), such as kettlebell swings, pull-ups, and press-ups.

Furthermore, you can strengthen your fists for better punching power by practicing with punching sandbags and other cushioned items. Avoid jabbing hard objects as they could do more harm than good.

Improve Your Upper Body Strength And Rotation

Aside from the legs, your punching strength also draws force from your upper body. You can practice swinging a baseball bat against a target bag, and other exercise hacks at home to work on this. Consider dumbbell raises, shoulder presses, planking, inclined push-ups, and dumbbell flies if you want a more formal set of activities.

Perform Classic Shadowboxing

If you prefer a non-restricted exercise to develop your power, performing a classic shadowboxing can be helpful. Take of note the following steps, especially when trying this drill for the first time:

  1. Keep your feet apart to distribute your weight evenly.
  2. Bend your knees in a boxer’s position.
  3. Position your hands up and elbows down.
  4. Stare forward and slightly chin up.
  5. Start your straights, jabs, and hooks in this stance.

Since there are no physical targets for you, you could maximize the space you’re in. You can also perform different punching techniques, from short crosses to uppercuts. Hence, this practice could increase your speed for any kind of punch you’re trying to accomplish.

You will get used to your muscle memory performing your hooks and footwork if you’ve gotten into the groove of shadowboxing. That way, your shoulders, fists, head, and feet could quickly adjust every time you punch.

Use Hand And Body Weights

Dumbbells are the standard and are the easiest option for body weights. Incorporating them in your exercises could help build your muscles to some extent.

However, if you’re looking for a more practical choice, you may try other ways of adding workout weights. These include ankle, hip, and wrist types. Many of these are easily attached and wrapped around the area where you want to develop your muscles. These products work because the people who use them exert more effort in moving.

In choosing a weight, you may start with the lighter ones. Then, you may add more pounds once you get used to your first weights. Remember to add weight every now and then since this helps develop your muscles more.

Wrapping Up

Punching power and speed are excellent factors in improving your boxing accuracy. Coupled with the proper techniques and footwork, you can definitely build on your skills and be well above average. So if you think that your punches aren’t quick and strong enough, you may try the tips in this article.

In addition, you may also ask seasoned boxing enthusiasts and the pros for their rituals and practices that have proven to improve their boxing prowess. And if that’s not enough, you can always consult a fitness coach to craft a training regimen that will make the most out of your punching drills.


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