How to promote a page of a fitness coach on Instagram in 2022

Instagram as a platform offers lots of opportunities to people who are interested in quick and decent promotion and development – this is why specialists from all fields are trying to organize their pages here and reach great results asap. IG offers a channel for communication with the readers and potential clients, selling products and services: and all of that can be done almost with no investments from the side of the content or product creator. Fitness coaches and health specialists are having their own big niche on this social media platform, and in this article we’re going to talk about how they can promote a page quickly and decently in 2022: which tools work, is there a need to buy Instagram followers and can you do it almost for free.

Can you promote a fitness page for free?

Well, the short answer is: no, you can’t. As you can see, a fitness coach’s page is a resource that advertises and sells something (nutritional and fitness plans, training programs, charts with exercises and helpful dietary supplements, personal training sessions, etc), therefore, to attract an audience that is going to be interested in those products, you have to use special tools. Mass following and mass liking are not working in 2022, and, which is more important, those give no opportunity to precisely contact people who are going to be keen on reading your posts and buying your products and services.

However, there are methods that you can use to find these people: but all of them are paid. The cheapest one is a possibility to buy real Instagram followers – and this is the one that you should start with, if you’re a newcomer. While filling your feed with posts and organizing your highlights (this is extra important, so that people would be able to quickly find all of your products and services and prices to them) you can also find a company to purchase a package of subscribers from. This one will help you build a “base” that you can rely on in the future: when random IG users will come to your page, they will see that your blog is already liked and supported by many other users. This is an important psychological trick to pull out if you’re yearning for quick and great results.

What else can you do for money?

After you’ve bought subscribers, it is time to look up other methods that will bring a more interested audience to your blog. Firstly, you can search for fellow fitness trainers who are right now going through the process of their page’s promotion. Reach out to them for a mutual PR – it doesn’t require any financial investments, both of you can tell about each other to your audiences for free. And if people will be interested, they can subscribe to both of us and you will be able to conjoin and grow your audiences. Make sure that you have some unique and intriguing content ready for those moments, because people won’t follow you just because the other fitness coach recommended you as a trustworthy resource of information. You have to prove it to them.

If you need a bigger booster, you can order an ad from a big fitness blogger – find the one who monetizes their blog by cooperating for ads with smaller bloggers and create a post or a story that’s going to be used by them as a material for reposting or recommendation to their audience. Don’t just rely on this blogger’s reputation and prepare something interesting and unique, so that people would want to follow you because of your knowledge and authority.

And the thing that’s best applied in the end of the promotional “campaign” is targeted Instagram ad. It can be set with pretty various audience reach settings, and its price can vary a lot because of it as well. Plus, your profile should look professional before you set an ad like this; people who will come to your page because of it have to see that you already have been able to reach some kind of success. Otherwise that will probably simply click away and settle by another fitness blogger or coach.

Keep in mind that none of those methods are going to work if you won’t put enough effort and time into generating high quality unique content for your audience and into communicating and interacting with them. Combine several promotion methods for better and quicker results and try to not overshare your knowledge for free as well – you have to have space for monetization, remember that and good luck!



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