How to Properly Recover Following an MMA Fight

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An MMA fight is a thrilling experience. Yet it can also be a painful one. Once the adrenaline has worn off, you may feel bruises all over your body. Your thighs and legs could swell, hindering your ability to walk. The cartilage in your ribs could also get damaged. This could make it hard for you to sleep or breathe for several weeks. Finally, you could sustain a concussion along with numerous cuts on your face.

Thankfully, there are some ways to make the post-fight recovery process less painful. Below are some tips for bouncing back quickly after a brutal match.

Replenish Lost Nutrients

Proper vitamins and minerals can heal your body more quickly. Supplements such Le-Vel Thrive patches can provide the nutritional support you need following a fight. Best of all, the thrive side effects are minimal and most don’t experience any at all.

Proper hydration is important after a fight, as well. You need to replenish the water you lost from sweating. Some athletes opt for sports drinks, but coconut water may be a more suitable option. It has the electrolytes you need after heavy exertion without the sugars found in other products.

While you may be tempted to binge after your battle in the Octagon, your diet also has to refuel your body so it can heal. Choose foods that contain plenty of antioxidants and proteins to boost your immune system.

Get Plenty Of Rest

While you are replenishing the nutrients in your body, you should not head back to the gym right away. You may be tempted to train as soon as the fight ends. Yet this could make your minor injuries worse. Instead, give your body time to rest and recover. This will allow your muscles to heal before you step into the Octagon again. Any swollen or painful muscles should be rested, iced, compressed and elevated.  

One way to ensure you rest properly is to go to sleep earlier than usual. You can also sleep a bit later, as well. Do this for a few days, and your mind and body will feel more refreshed. That is because the body releases growth hormones as you sleep. These hormones aid in sore muscle recovery.

When you are not sleeping, try not to overwork yourself with other projects. You need to limit the stress on your body throughout the day. Once you do start training again, take things slowly at first. Easy movements will boost your circulation and help your muscles refuel more quickly.

Relax Your Muscles and Mind

Indeed, relieving your muscles is important after a tough fight. Foam rollers can relieve the

tension in those muscles and stretch out any sore spots. Do not use rollers to treat injuries, however, as the rollers could make the problem worse.

A bath is another option. Try taking a quick dip into a tub filled with ice water. Ice breaks up the lactic acid in your system, reduces inflammation and constricts your blood vessels. If you do not think you can handle a bath full of ice, you can just apply ice packs to painful areas of your body. A hot bath in particular could also be useful. Not only does it soothe the muscles, but it also helps your body better adapt to warm conditions in the Octagon. Saunas and steam rooms also may relieve your pain. Hot stone massages have similar effects. You could additionally opt for aromatherapy massages that relieve both your mental and physical stress.

It can also be stressful as an athlete. Many turn to using CBD products for sport recovery. They help reduce stress, improve muscle recovery, and help you get a good night’s rest.


You will probably be pretty sore after an MMA fight. Yet if you replenish your body, get sufficient rest and relax your muscles, you should be ready to resume training after a short break.


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