How To Recover After A Fight

Boxing is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and physical maintenance. It involves strength, balance, coordination, stamina, and speed. A fight, especially one with a well-matched opponent, can take a lot out of you. Dehydration, soreness, stiffness, fatigue, inflammation, and muscle tightness are among some of the experiences you might have after fighting a match. In order to remain healthy and ready for your next match, it is vital to take time to rest and recover after each fight. The following are some tips to help you get back to peak functionality as fast as possible.

Ice Baths

Ice baths are a tried and true method of recovering after a boxing match, immortalized by sports movies such as “Million Dollar Baby” and “Stick It.” They can help reduce inflammation and swelling, soothe your muscles, boost your energy levels, regulate your breathing, and improve your mood. They are also a good tool for learning how to breathe through physical discomfort. It is important to talk to your doctor before attempting to take an ice bath and to do research in order to ensure that you are using this method safely and correctly. 

Natural Supplements

Certain natural supplements can be of aid during your body’s healing process as you recover from a fight. Among the supplements that fight inflammation are fish oil, ginger, vitamin D, and vitamin C. One type of supplement that is increasing in popularity is CBD gummy edibles. Many athletes are beginning to replace the use of NSAIDs with CBD as they are thought to be a healthier alternative in many respects. 

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It is vital to stay hydrated not only before and during a match, but in the recovery period as well. Water helps with muscle tension and soreness as well as regulating many of the normal processes of the body such as body temperature, pH balance, and cell maintenance. Staying hydrated will also help elevate your energy levels as you prepare for your next match. Some sports drinks include electrolytes, which can help your body regulate blood pressure, muscle function, and overall “system maintenance.” 


One way to help feel your best after a match is to make sure to warm up. Warming up can help gently work your body up to the heart rate and activity level that is required during a match. It is important to note that “cooling down” at the end of a match or session can help in your recovery as well by gradually bringing your heart rate and adrenaline back to normal. Doing both can help make sure that you are gradually easing your body into and out of activity levels so that you don’t experience stress from the abrupt changes.


It is common knowledge that stretching before exercise can help prevent things like cramping and muscle tightness. What is less frequently mentioned is that stretching should be done after you have warmed up. Similar to how a rubber band snaps when it is frozen, the human muscles are not meant to be stretched before they have had the chance to warm up. Stretching after a warmup, or after your session is over are the best ways to promote flexibility and recovery.


Eating the right kinds of foods can help speed up your recovery time and give you the nutrients you need for future matches. It is important to maintain your diet not only right before and after matches, but all of the time in between as well. Protein, fats, and carbs are important in order to reach peak performance levels. Proteins such as amino acids help rebuild damaged cells, so they are especially important to consume after sustaining an injury.

Boxing is a sport that involves an incredible amount of your body and brain. It can be difficult to calculate your opponent’s next move or predict how your own body will respond to certain injuries. With proper aftercare, though, it becomes that much easier to make sure that you are in the best possible shape to succeed in your next fight.


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