How To Respond When Someone Collapses While Exercising

Whether you’re working out in public with a friend or at the gym, it’s essential to know how to respond when someone collapses while exercising.

How To Respond When Someone Collapses While Exercising

Exercising, by nature, is a strenuous activity that puts pressure on the body; some people know where their bodily limits are, but there may be some individuals who don’t. When someone pushes themselves too far, they may collapse while exercising. While it can be a shocking situation, it’s critical to know how to respond when someone collapses while exercising.

Immediately Call 911

If you find the collapsed individual to be unresponsive, the first step should always be to dial 911 and immediately get emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to the scene.

You can’t possibly know the extent of the situation, and often, intervening without medical professionals can do more harm than good. The best thing you can do is to ensure that medics get there as soon as possible, allowing the collapsed individual to get the necessary treatment.

Listen to the Dispatcher

When calling emergency services, the dispatchers may give you instructions, either to aid the collapsed individual or to gather information to assess the situation. It’s critical to listen and follow the dispatcher’s instructions; your diligence can result in more informed EMTs, and the dispatcher may be able to have you help the individual directly.

Ensure the Area Is Safe

Once you have emergency services on the line, make sure the immediate area is free of any hazards. Look for and address any spilled liquids from a water bottle, scattered free weights, or electric workout machines that are still on.

The situation is already dangerous enough, and decreasing the number of possible hazards eliminates the possibility of further injury. Your actions here benefit the collapsed individual as well as bystanders; the commotion may cause some to become oblivious to their surroundings, leading them to inadvertently walk into dangerous obstacles.

Clear a Path for EMTs

After securing the immediate area, the next step is to clear a direct path for the EMTs, moving any obstacles between the entrance and the individual in need of medical attention.

Time is critical in these situations, and a straight shot to the collapsed individual prevents any unnecessary time loss. It is also beneficial to have someone standing at the entrance, waiting for medical services to arrive and guiding the medics directly to the person in need.

Remain Calm

Knowing what to do when someone collapses while exercising prepares you to step in when someone experiences a medical emergency. Sometimes, there are signs that someone may be experiencing a cardiovascular situation, resulting in a collapse, but other times, there aren’t such warning signs. Whatever the situation, be ready and know what to do.

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