How To Start A Boxing Routine From Scratch In College

Getting started with boxing is a great idea, especially for students. This sport is not only about the physical fitness benefits, but also about gaining the skill of controlling the body, mind, and emotions. Many students would like to practice boxing but do not know how to integrate this activity into their college routine. But there are some tips that you can use to effectively get started with boxing, even if you live on campus.

Boxing Key Benefits

Regardless of which of the boxing directions you choose, you will definitely benefit from this activity. What are the main advantages of boxing in addition to the excellent physical shape and the ability to stand up for yourself? Here are the following points that all students should pay attention to:

  • Development of strength and speed. Boxing practice improves movement coordination and builds muscle mass.
  • Boxing is a great opportunity to get rid of emotional stress. It is also a great way to get rid of aggression.
  • This is also a way to find peace and improve mental health.
  • You will be able to better control your body and thoughts.

Aren’t these enough reasons to integrate boxing into your routine?

5 Tips For Newbies To Boxing

Like any sport, boxing needs time, perseverance, and desire. That is why, to introduce boxing into your routine, especially if you plan to do it yourself, you need to understand how to organize this process. Below you will find practical tips to combine boxing with your daily tasks.

Prepare a Place for Boxing

Perhaps one of the problems that most beginners face is preparing a place for training. The issue is especially if you live on campus. But there are several options for solving the problem. Firstly, you can exercise in the yard or on the sports grounds. Secondly, you can negotiate with your neighbors and choose a training time that is convenient for everyone.

If you are boxing in the house, then you need to prepare free space without obstacles. It is also recommended to ventilate the room before starting a workout, fresh air has a positive effect on the body. There is also research that outdoor exercise may get more positive effects from training and enhance your well-being. Therefore, if it is not possible to practice outdoors, you should thoroughly ventilate the room before starting your workout.

Make a Daily Schedule

To proceed with boxing, you need to change your daily schedule and set aside free time for sports. Analyze your schedule and think about what time would be more convenient for you to train. You may need to spend a little of your time testing which time slot is more convenient for practicing boxing.

It is also worth optimizing your schedule in such a way as to exclude deviation from training. There can always be things that can be more interesting than boxing. Especially if you are one of those students who know what laziness is. A new schedule is a great opportunity to start taking control of your life.

Stay Disciplined and Practice Regularly

As you have already guessed, to make boxing an integral part of your routine, you need to do it regularly. Self-control and discipline are imperative in any sporting activity. A lot of beginners tend to quit boxing because they lack self-control.

For example, a lot of homework that leads to sleepless nights can also lead to postponing boxing training. But in such cases, it would be wiser to get outside help with academic assignments. For instance, you may hire the Best Writers Online on the Writing Judge custom writing services reviews platform and outsource the tasks that aren’t of the highest priority for you. Try to do your best not to give up and keep boxing until it becomes an integral part of your life.

Learn Theory in Advance

Before you start hitting, it’s worth understanding the theory from start to finish. Physical strength and endurance are far from the key advantages in boxing success. You can get through constant training but the key to success for a beginner is to master the theory before starting to practice.

Boxing implies a technique that you should follow during training. So, before starting your workouts, you should study as many materials as possible, watch training videos on YouTube and try to perform exercises in front of a mirror to make sure that you do it correctly.

Find Professionals

Of course, not all students can afford a personal boxing coach. But it is worth considering group training options since you as a beginner need to get the right training base and master elementary techniques. Therefore, it is worth looking for the opportunity to attend boxing training classes.

If you are on a tight budget, you can look for gyms that offer student discounts or free first classes. Also, look for students in college or campus who are advanced in boxing. Perhaps such students will help you in your endeavor and help you train correctly.

Add Cardio Exercises

Cardio workouts are an integral part of boxing training. This type of physical activity helps to develop endurance and progress in boxing. Cardio training allows you to develop the stamina you may need in the ring.

Moreover, if you want to succeed in boxing, then you need to pay attention to cardio training day after day. For example, you can consider running in the morning or evening on an ongoing basis with a break of several days to let the body recover. According to boxing professionals, running is just the right type of physical activity in addition to boxing, plus you can diversify it with a jumping rope and swimming.

Wrapping Up

Boxing is a great activity for developing your physical and mental health at once. Use the above tips to make boxing an integral part of your life, and keep in mind the most important rule – don’t postpone your decision for later and move step by step.


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