How To Take Your Home Gym to the Next Level

What makes a home gym stand out from the rest? Our guide will show you how to take your simple home gym to the next level of personal fitness!

A young, athletic woman in a purple top and black shorts bouldering a short, indoor rock climbing wall without harnesses.

Your home gym is your sanctuary—it’s where you cut out that noise and work on improving yourself. But if you feel like your home gym isn’t up to par, whatever is lacking might be holding you back. Below, we’ll show you how to take your home gym to the next level so that you can reach new heights of personal fitness.

Invest in High-Quality Gym Flooring

If your home gym is on the concrete floor of your garage or the hardwood floors of a spare bedroom, you should invest in top-notch gym flooring. Some may think flooring isn’t so important, but high-quality rubber floor mats, foam tiles, or vinyl flooring improves your gym and workouts in many ways.

Unforgiving surfaces such as concrete and hardwood are hard on your joints and can even cause long-term problems in your back, knees, and shins. Gym flooring better absorbs contact with equipment to avoid damage and will give your gym a more professional look.

Create an Atmosphere With a Professional Sound System

Speaking of creating a professional look and feel for your gym, you can’t pump up the vibes without some workout music. Instead of listening to earbuds, headphones, or a small speaker in the corner, create an immersive workout atmosphere with a professional sound system! A professional system will make your gym feel like a real studio and allow you to immerse yourself in the workout instead of checking the charge level on your headphones.

Get Smart Workout Machines

Another way to take your home gym to the next level is with the equipment. While simple weights and machines can get the job done, upgrading to advanced, smart machines offers numerous benefits to fitness fanatics.

Smart workout machines offer training capabilities and data tracking and analysis so that you can see the numbers of your workouts, where you can improve, and how far you’ve come. There are many smart versions of workout machines, including:

  • Cable machines
  • Home mirror gyms
  • Smart treadmills
  • Smart rowers
  • Smart bikes
  • And more

Whatever type of exercise or workout machine you prefer, there’s likely a smart version of it out there that will upgrade your workout in ways you’d never expect.

Install a Bouldering Wall

If you really want to get creative and make your home gym different than the rest, consider installing a bouldering wall! Bouldering is like rock climbing, but instead of a huge, tall wall, it’s a horizontal climbing wall, which makes it an option for practically any workout space.

Bouldering is the perfect at-home workout, as it exercises your entire body while also pushing your cardio and working muscles you didn’t even know you had! Plus, if you consider yourself a DIY expert, you can probably make one for your home gym yourself.


We hope our guide has given you some great ideas on how to turn your home gym from ordinary to extraordinary. While it may seem like an expense, fitness enthusiasts who spend more time in the home gym than in any other room in their houses will find the investments worthwhile!

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