How To Train as a Woman for MMA

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In November 2020, Halle Berry introduced the world to her character Jackie Justice, a female mixed martial arts fighter, in the movie “Bruised.” The movie was not only a commercial success but was an inspiration to female MMA fans everywhere. Women have been participating in cage matches for decades, and they are showing the MMA world that female fights can be just as important to the sports world as those of their male counterparts. If Jackie Justice inspired you to start hitting the gym and you’re still mulling over the idea of jumping into a cage, here are some training tips to consider. 

1. Nutrition Is Key

In “Bruised,” there’s a reason Jackie Justice pours her booze down the sink. Research has shown a correlation between alcohol use and strained muscle growth. Not only does Jackie have to give up everything that can have a negative impact on her body, but she also has to start eating better so she’s in her best shape for her fight. 

Eating healthy can be a difficult adjustment to make, especially when you’ve been eating the same types of food all your life. Certain foods, such as anything fried, will definitely need to be cut out of your diet. You can also add supplements to start achieving the right balance of nutrition. There are many supplements on the market, and people will swear by some over others. Be sure to read about Thrive side effects to learn about the experiences of others and to help find the right supplement for you. 

2. A Trainer Is a Must

If you’re serious about getting into mixed martial arts or if you simply want to train like a fighter, having a good training routine is just as important as nutrition. An MMA trainer is going to prove to be priceless. Not only does Jackie’s trainer hold her accountable, but she can also see where Jackie needs to improve. Holding yourself accountable is never an easy task, and it’s a reason why many people fail before they see results. 

The best way to find a trainer is to check your local gyms. Don’t settle on the first trainer you meet. Look into all candidates’ career history and see who else they are training or have trained. Do they have a proven track record? Also, do they have a personality that blends well with your own? You need to feel you can trust someone who is going to be such an important piece to your success. 

3. A Healthy Mindset Is Mandatory

People don’t always associate fighting with having a healthy mindset, but it is crucial. Going into a cage and being pounded on by an opponent can break you down mentally and physically. Jackie Justice has been there, and at the beginning of the movie, she doesn’t even want to fight anymore. Fortunately, she works through the mental garbage that brought her to where she is and is reminded why she was a fighter. When her final match is over, win or lose, she feels good about what she has accomplished. 

How do you go about getting a healthy mindset? That answer is going to be different for everyone because spirituality is such a unique part of who you are. Some people find prayer helps. Others practice Buddhism and chants, like Jackie’s trainer, Buddhakan. Jackie finds that aside from letting go of alcohol, it also helps to surround herself with positive people like her trainer, and she eventually lets go of those who bring in negative energy. 

“Bruised” is a movie worth remembering. Jackie’s story is unique not just because of her gender but also because of her age. She has obstacles to overcome, but with help from the right people, a healthy lifestyle, and a positive mindset, she defeats her demons. It becomes less important as to whether or not she wins the actual fight. If you decide to train for MMA, how you win is up to you. 


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