How To Train Your Body for MMA

Fighting for sport is both a great spectacle to behold and an excellent way to put your body and your mind to the ultimate test. It’s no surprise that people enjoy the show of MMA fighters in the ring, but actively participating in the melee is its own beast entirely. In order to stay safe, let alone competitive, your body will need to be honed to peak performance. These tips can help you build the body and mind of a competitive fighter.


A common problem that many people encounter when it comes to matters of health and fitness is a lack of motivation. Because the work is hard and the reward is a distant promise, it can be easy for people to get discouraged and start to lag behind, and in far too many cases, give up on their transformational journey entirely. However, this is partially because placing importance on motivation is a recipe for disaster. Motivation is inherently fickle, and it can burn you just as well as it can propel you. Discipline is a much more reliable way to achieve that “Win the Day” mentality and to keep yourself working toward your goals, purely because it starts with the assumption that you will need to force yourself to do whatever is necessary even when you don’t feel like doing so.


While people generally associate the term diet with weight loss, the truth is that you are always, technically, on a diet. As with a weight loss diet, your diet needs to meet your body’s needs, first and foremost, and those needs will be based on your level of activity, as well as your goals. Protein and carbs are the cornerstone of the diet, because they provide the materials your body needs to maintain and power itself. The more active you are, the more essential these nutrients become. However, not all carbs are created equal, and carbs in general have earned a bad reputation thanks to the detrimental effects of simple carbs on the body. Complex carbs, on the other hand, are a great way to fuel your workouts or your fights without the downsides that come from processed carbs. It’s also important to keep in mind the importance of water and electrolytes, especially during workouts, because your body expends them both rapidly during the process of sweating. Sports drinks or pre-workout supplements can be a great way to stay hydrated and to keep electrolytes in stock during physical activity.


Working out is easily the hardest part of building a fighter’s body. Generally speaking, this is the hurdle that most people trip over when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle, primarily because it’s hard. In much the same way that a beginner to fitness will have a hard time with physical exercise, difficulty gives way to growth, and that means that you’ll need to push yourself harder and harder over time in order to get consistent results. However, pushing yourself too hard and too fast presents a very real risk of injury. Finding the right balance for you is more important than quick results.

It’s also important to note that bodybuilding often appeals to the same kind of people who are interested in MMA, but that the two don’t mix. Muscle mass doesn’t directly correspond to strength, so much of the time and effort spent bulking won’t actually be helpful in the ring. More importantly, too much muscle mass can also constrict mobility, actually serving as a detriment to your overall ability when all is said and done. Toning your muscles and building strength is an essential part of the process, but going overboard in the mass department can only hinder your ability to outmaneuver your opponents.

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Becoming a competitive fight is an uphill battle. In order to hone your body for MMA, you’ll have to make sure that it’s never easy. However, having the right intel can make a world of difference, and these tips can help you help yourself.


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