How to Watch Film of Your Fights With More Purpose

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Most fighters who film their fights are doing so to review the footage and learn from their mistakes. But there are other ways to use the footage to get better in the future.

In this article, you will learn how you can watch your fight film with more purpose. Read our tips to discover what you should look for when watching fight footage, what a fight film is, and how to make the most of it.

Use Every Resource Available to You

Watching fight footage is a great way to improve your technique and strategy. If you are a fighter, you should be watching your own fight footage at least once a week. However, many fighters may not have a great way to access regular footage of their own fights and training sessions. In these cases, it’s a good time to explore your other options, as there are many out there for you.

If you are not the one filming the video, then you can use the YouTube search function to find specific fights that you want to watch. You can also use video websites like Fight Pass or UFC TV to find footage of specific fighters who train in a similar style or have mastered techniques you are working to improve. Similarly, using a solution such as cloud monitoring can help you to obtain a more comprehensive view of your fight footage.

Know What You Are Trying to Measure and Improve

When it comes to watching film of your fights, there are a lot of things you can do to make the experience more productive. Among the most productive ways to do this is to make a plan before you watch your footage. Structuring your thoughts before you view a clip can help you to make exact notes and apply them in the gym.

It is important to know what you want to get out of your film before you start watching it. If you are looking for ways to improve your game, then watch the film with a notebook and pen in hand. If you just want to remember what happened in the fight, then just watch the film without any other distractions.

Use Footage To Develop Your Fighting Style

A fighter’s film is a visual representation of their fighting style. It is a way for them to study themselves and see if they’re making any mistakes. If they’re not able to see these mistakes on their own then it’s important for them to bring in someone else who can help them out with that aspect of training.

Footage can be one of the most illuminating aspects of building your style. Stances, techniques, and defensive strategies are all much easier to observe in footage than they are in the excitement of the octagon. Watching film can help you take a new style into your next training session.

Watch Fight Footage With Friends, Fighters, and Trainers

Watching your footage with others may seem like a daunting idea at first, especially if you are new to the fight game. However, this is exactly the type of practice that can supercharge your learning experience. When watching footage alone, you are likely coming at it with your own internal set of biases and feelings.

Having a friend, fellow fighter, or trainer watch your fight footage with you can expose you to things you may have never noticed on your own. This kind of social acceleration is a tactic used by some of the greatest fighters in the world. With several views and opinions in your corner, you will progress in your training much faster.

Watching your fight footage is a great way to grow as a fighter. Follow these tips and you’ll notice progress.


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