Husein Kadimagomaev Low Blow Ends Fight in No Contest, Fighters Ask For Rematch

Husein Kadimagomaev and Agshin Babaev unfortunately were on the wrong end of a no-contest verdict in their fight on the BRAVE CF 57 at Khalifa Sports City in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Kadimagomaev and Babaev were one of the most hotly anticipated fights of the night and were certainly living up to the billing for as long as it lasted. Unfortunately, however, an accidental low blow from Kadimagomaev meant that Babaev could no longer continue, and the fight was ruled a no-contest as a result.

Kadimagomaev immediately showed regret for the accidental low blow and made it clear that it was a complete accident, something that both Babaev and the referee appeared to agree with. It was only unfortunate that Babaev wasn’t able to continue, as they were in the middle of showcasing a warzone inside the BRAVE CF Arena. 

Despite said result, both fighters were in excellent spirits following the official confirmation of the bout’s end, with both fighters promising to give each other a rematch in the very near future. 

“Bahrain I think this fight was the fight of the night,” said Kadimagomaev. “Shahid, we’re waiting for a bonus. Bonus fight of the night.” 

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Kadimagomaev continued, “After Ramadan, let’s make it, Kadimagomaev vs Babaev rematch, let’s go.” To which Babaev responded, “Let’s go!”


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