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Ian Heinisch​ (10-1) gets the call from Mick Maynard​ (UFC Matchmaker), to compete on Dana White​’s, Tuesday Night Contender Series. Heinisch will face Justin Sumpter. That call came just after Heinisch’s, most recent, brutal 1st round KO in the LFA Main Event Interim Title, Heinisch of course accepted, having roughly 3 weeks to prepare for the Vegas bout. Heinisch I know will show up fully prepared, calm cool, and collected. A former high school wrestling State Champion in Colorado, Heinisch not long after, went down some dark roads. Through trial and error, highs and lows, Heinisch figured things out the hard way, that led him to quickly, becoming an undefeated 2 division 185/205 Ammy Champion in Sparta Combat League right away. Not a bad start to the good life, and new MMA career for which his documentary “ The Hurricane” by Skybridge Films, explains more. Heinisch mentioned in the past, he didn’t regret a minute of those dark days, because that time, is what shaped him into what he is today. He added, “I’ve turned my tribulations into my testimony.”


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“When I came back to the States, I found Factory X was really stacked in the 185/205 range, and they took me in like family. My coach really looks after me. So it’s just like family. It reminds me off my old wrestling team.”

The Hurricane has fought on live tv 5x’s since 2016. He is 3-1 in LFA and 1-0 in World Series of Fighting, and prior to those…undefeated in Sparta Combat League, both Ammy/Pro. That sole loss in LFA, was from shooting for a take down, exposed his neck, and got choked instantly in the 1st round, with no time to defend, before the fight really, even got going. As a result of that first career loss, Heinisch has made some corrections and scored a brutal 1st round KO, his last time out, acquiring the LFA interim 185 Title. To win the interim strap, he KO’d Gabriel Checko 10-1, in the 1st round, eventually becoming, the non Interim or actual LFA 185 Champion, resulting from the departure of Anthony Hernandez ​(previously injured LFA Champion) from signing with the UFC. Heinisch trains at Factory X in the Denver area, with the UFC’s Anthony Smith​, and Chris Camozz​i, and coaches Marc Montoya, and “Professor Busy​.”


“He (Anthony Smith), and Chris Camozzi are bigger bodies than what I’m gonna face. He’s (Anthony Smith) really talented, and that makes me, better. I mean he just retired Rashad Evans, and knocked out Shogun in the Main Event. I am a more complete fighter, than my opponent. It’s gonna be a exciting, fast paced, and it’s gonna end in a finish with my hand raised, and a contract from Dana White.”

FightBook MMA​: How did you train for this fight, did you study this opponent?


“Honestly, I just let my team come up with my game plan, then I figure that out. I am the more complete fighter.”

In his interview with Steven Lynch, Ian indicated that basically, it was his time right now, not his opponents. I took it as, he didn’t care about the fight breakdowns, stats, or who his opponent is, expressing more or less that none of that stuff matters to him. He’s polished, seasoned, and ready, and would rather just “do it” vs talk about it. Just my opinion. He just wants to go take, what he deserves. Not an aggressive personality at all, Heinisch is very real, very mellow. He always has treated me and everyone with complete respect, and is very matter of fact. Heinisch has never has blown me off, regardless of our stages in life. This guy has good vibes, and animal written all over him. This guy is just smooth, and cool under pressure.

Heinisch went to the New York area for a family event, recently. While there, the Hurricane got some more reps in at Matt Serra’s gym, allowing him to maintain the continuity of his training schedule while on vacation. A laid back guy, Heinisch is a quiet killer who doesn’t over talk, just simply, matter of fact, states how fights are gonna go down, and then implements those words in to action. Heinisch basically unchallenged up to this point in his career, is a hugely popular amongst the Colorado MMA landscape, and beyond. Tuesday night he will attempt to break into the Global scene, July 31 on The Contender Series. The card, at the time I spoke with Heinisch, was a 5 fight fight card, closed to the public, but will be televised live on UFC Fight Pass next Tuesday night. He will have both coaches mentioned in his corner.


“Tune in and watch me win that UFC contract.”

Heinisch has overcome the odds, through his faith, his belief system, family, and team. He has conducted himself, like a complete professional since his return to the United States, and starting MMA. Heinisch began his fighting career boxing in Spain, which got him interested combat sports.


“It’s gonna end with a finish, an my hand being raised at the end, but to get the contract (UFC) You have to win convincingly, by a impressive win, where Dana White is like, He’s got a future in the UFC. I can take 4 guests with me. 4 people got signed last week.” (at time he spoke with FightBookMMA).

Very familiar with Heinisch, weight has never been an issue. His cuts are easy, he eats right, all the time, so his weight is always consistent. Watch Heinisch perform a highly probable highlight reel knockout similar to his LFA title bout. I’ve noticed as each opponent gets tougher, Ian’s execution gets more fierce. Since being the Sparta Combat League Champion, and with the addition of Anthony Smith to the team around 2016 initially, Smith now full-time with Factory X, both appear to have found their groove, leaving wreckage in their paths.


“I wanna be the guy people say man this guy was rock bottom, now he is the UFC Champion of the World.”

Heinisch has expressed an interest in giving back to the community, in the future by helping those who struggle going down the wrong roads, as he once had.

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