Ian “The Future” Garry signs with the UFC

The 23 year-old Ian “The Future” Garry announced his signing with the UFC after his name appeared on the UFC’s website. As of right now there’s no date yet for his debut date or opponent.

Garry talked to MMA Junkie earlier this year and states: “I’m pretty confident with my current skills I could walk into the UFC today and beat 80 percent of the UFC welterweight roster,” Garry said. “I’m hungry. I want to go in and prove how good I am. And I’m not stupid. I fight. I fight smart. I don’t fight stupid. … Even if you put me in there with Kamaru Usman right now. Do I think I’d win the fight? Probably not. Am I going to make it hard for him? Yeah.”

Garry is a Cage Warriors Vet and only competed under the banner as a professional. At Cage Warriors 125 Garry won the promotion’s welterweight tournament when he defeated Jack Grant by unanimous decision. Check out Garry’s announcement:


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